Services I Use & Recommend

Here is a list of services I use on a regular bases and that I feel comfortable recommending.

SEO Type Services:

LightningRank: After Google started breeding furry creatures, I pretty much stopped using all backlink building services. The ones I still use today (with great results) are the ones listed on this page.
Jon Hover is a legend when it comes to getting Google rankings and the ability to use his very own premium Private Blog Network (PBN) is – in my professional opinion – a godsend!
RankCrew: In all my years as an SEO professional, I have spent many thousands of dollars on backlink building services. Some were great, many not so great.
RankCrew‘s manual link building service has always been exceptional. In fact, I have left more money with them over the years than I have with any other SEO service company.
LinkLicious: There is little point to building hundreds or even thousands of backlinks if search engines never find them. This is where LinkLicious comes in. It not only helps my backlinks get spidered, but helps maximize their potential as well.
I have tried a few of the popular indexing services around and yet keep coming back to this one because it does everything I need it to do.

Hosting Service Provider:

HostGator: I currently rent a dedicated server from HostGator that I host some of my bigger sites on. Although they have grown to be one of the biggest and most popular hosting companies in the world, my experience with them over the last 7+ years has been nothing short of exceptional.
If you’re looking for a reliable hosting company, I do not hesitate recommending them. Be sure to use the coupon code EMPIREMARKETING though for extra savings.