Become a Writer on this Blog

Become a Fulltime WriterThis website ( has been my bread and butter for the last 2 years. I have used it to sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of products and services and even to this day – it generates a good portion of my online earnings.

As such, I have decided to take it to the next level by focusing more and more on the “blogging” side of things.

Fact of the matter though is, I am not that great of a writer AND I am not a very consistent writer, which is why I am looking at having a few SOLID guest posters.

I am needing writers in the SEO/Marketing/Advertising niche who can write approximately 1 blogpost a week (anything marketing related will do).

The blog DOES get decent amounts of traffic (it increases with each post) and when a quality blog post is made, I do mail it out to my list as well so… this is a good opportunity for some free exposure in exchange for content (authors can advertise their links in the “about the author” section of each post they make).

Quality content is important to me (the content has to add value to the reader and can not be a randomly written/spun article – it has to be written specifically for this site) and it is also important to me that you stick around for at least 1 year (to build that relationship with readers etc). So if you love writing and want to get some excellent exposure in return, this might be something for you.

If you are interested or have any ideas or suggestions, I am very open minded. Just email me at me @ (remove spaces) or use the contact form above.


PS: – Here is a quick update on some of the RULES OF THUMB:


Here are some general rules of thumb to follow while blogging at

Keep the post professional.

  • Proper grammar is important
  • Reread your post at least twice to make sure you do not have any spelling errors
  • No coarse language and no x-rated content
  • The use of pictures and images is allowed and maybe even recommended. Again though, keep it tasteful. Make sure you upload the graphics using the “Add an image” button that you see when you make a post. If a graphic is on another site, the picture is out of our control and as such it could disappear without our knowledge. This is never good. Maybe look at some of my recent posts to see how I added an image to each post – it has worked out quite well for me.
  • Linking to something is ok if it is relevant to your post. In other words, don’t promote yourself or affiliate links of yours through your post. The “about the author” box is there for that purpose. The purpose of the blog posts is to provide value to the reader and never ever should the reader get the impression we are trying to sell them something. If you provide valuable content, readers will want to check out the links in your biography.
  • If you see a couple posts already made on the day you are making yours, it would be a really good idea to post date yours for the next day. I’d rather have one post every day than 7 posts in one day

Here is an example of a blog I am trying to model:

  • His writers provide great value – but they also write 2000+ word posts. I do not expect you to make posts that long, but let’s keep it at a minimum of 300 words.
  • Link to other posts within when it is appropriate to do so. For example, if you are hinting to a previous post of yours or to a post someone else wrote, feel free to link to it. This helps the blogs SEO strength and is essential to it’s ranking.

Here are a couple things you can expect from me:

  • I will pick one blog-post each week and email it to my list. If a blog post stands out and I think it is an excellent read and ads value to the reader – I will mail it to my list.
  • I will do backlinking and basic SEO for every single blog post that is made. This might not make a huge impact right off the bat, but in weeks and months to come, this will be HUGE in terms of getting more search engine traffic and ultimately getting readers to click through to your site.
  • If you need anything from me, I will always do my best to personally get back to you within 24 hours. I am currently touring SE Asia so I am likely on a completely different time zone than you.

This blog does have a decent amount of link juice already and I can see ourselves doubling the traffic to it within no more than a month. But it will take some work on all our part. If you have a following on twitter or facebook, (or any other social network for that matter) why not share each post you write with them? This is not expected – but it could immensely kick things up a notch. I always do the same when I post something and you’d be surprised at the positive impact this has had.

I am wanting to make this blog my #1 priority and if you stick with me for the long ride, together we can make great things happen and reap the benefits there-of. Never think or feel that I am taking advantage of you – because that simply isn’t something I would do. I love to help people and I think here we have an opportunity for all of us to help each other as well.

These are just a few thoughts I came up with and I thought I would share them with you. Of course, I am always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

If you have any questions, just respond to this email and I will get back to you ASAP,

Konrad Braun