Moolah: Rachel Miller’s Facebook Course Review [UPDATE]

29 Dec

If you’re one of the hundreds of people thinking about joining Rachel Miller’s Facebook “grow your audience” strategies course (aka Moolah), you will want to read my review below.

Before I dive into my review though, check this out:

Rachel Miller Facebook Course
Not only will I show you what this course did for my wife, but I will tell you why you will want to jump on board right now as well.

More on that later though. For now…

Rachel Millers’ Moolah Facebook Course Review

It took my wife 6 years to get 25,000 followers on her facebook page. As someone who never truly leveraged social media marketing, I thought that was pretty impressive.

Then, a couple months ago she tells me she is thinking of taking a “facebook mastery” course to help her grow and leverage her facebook audience.Moolah: Facebook Strategy Course Review

7 weeks later (48 days to be exact), she tells me she doubled her audience and now has 50,000 followers. I said “No way!”

She told me to go check out her facebook page to see for myself.

I asked what she had been doing to make it grow so quickly, and she said she’d been going through the facebook course she’s been talking about, implementing “some” of the strategies being taught.

As you know, I am an SEO guy. Social media – especially facebook – has never been a marketing tool for me. So it took solid “proof it works” due-diligence for me to feel even remotely comfortable recommending the Moolah marketing course.

Proof “Moolah” Works

Going from 25,000 followers to 50,000 followers within just 7 weeks is impressive (she’s approaching the 100,000 followers point very quickly too already).

What good is a huge following though if it doesn’t increase the bottom line?

Which is why I asked my wife to check how much the traffic to her website had increased since she started implementing some of the strategies taught in the Moolah course.

The traffic to her site ( from her facebook page increased by 263%.

Review of Moolah Facebook Program

No matter how you look at it, a 263% increase to already tens of thousands of visitors is HUGE. And her following continues to grow and so does her traffic. Who would not want to double their website traffic in under 2 months? 

Moolah Marketing Course Cost: Worth It?

Every time I ask my wife if the course had been worth her time and money and she answers – without hesitation – “Yes. Absolutely!”

It isn’t exactly a cheap course. It comes in at almost $1000 USD and for those who prefer, Rachel does offer a 3 month payment plant to make it easier to cover the cost (many people find it easier to make small payments instead of huge lump sum up front). So it is affordable… and the value is 110% there according to my wife.

Seeing what the course did for her, her business, and for her website traffic, I too agree. There is no question about it. Moolah – although pricey – delivers!

But here is the crazy part: My wife is always quick to point out she hasn’t implemented the entire course yet and yet already received more value than she paid for. So although her results ARE typical of students implementing what Rachel teaches, she could be doing even better than she already is. And that just blows my mind!

Imagine how much people readily pay to go to college… with no guarantee of outcome (even if all 2 – 6 years of hands learning is implemented).

Now imagine paying a fraction of that for the Moolah course, learning via a few hours worth of step by step instructional videos, and then seeing incredible results that are equivalent (or better) than what my wife is seeing with her business.

It’s a different beast, I get it. But still… I know value when I see it!

Why Build a Facebook Following?

I have never been big into facebook pages, so I can’t say too much about them, except this: If you want to own an engaged and loyal following, building an engaged facebook community is one of the best and easiest ways to do it.

Rachel Miller Moolah Strategy Course Review

Here’s why: If you email a email-mailing list every day, they will get frustrated with you. If you email them twice a day, they will start unsubscribing from your list faster than you can ask “why?”.

With facebook pages it’s the other way around. The more often you share relevant and valuable content, the more engaged your fan following gets and the more money you can (potentially) make.

So the question is: How do you build a massive facebook audience FAST and how can you start making money off of it?

That is where Rachel Miller’s facebook course – Moolah – comes in! 

Benefits to Having a Huge Audience on Demand

Facebook Marketing Strategy Course by Rachel Miller (aka Moolah)

One of the big “takeaways” from the original internet marketing seminars way back – when internet dial-up and AOL were still a thing – was: The money is in the list!

In other words, the gurus would pound this into people’s heads: If you want to make big money online, you need to build a huge mailing list that you can email offers and promotions to over and over again!

Seminar attendees would rush home and focus all their efforts on building a massive mailing list they could promote to over and over again. And it worked wonders. Especially in early to mid 2000s when people were addicted to checking their emails and were excited for each email they got.

These internet marketers could at any time send out an email promotion to their list and make hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars strictly from their list.

There were tremendous benefits to having a huge emailing list as it could translate into a ton of cash on demand. But it didn’t come without some serious downsides.

First, maintaining a large email list was ridiculously expensive. I know of people that were paying thousands of dollars every single month just to maintain their list… even if they never sent a single email that month.

Secondly, as email became more common, so did spam. Email service providers like hotmail, yahoo, and gmail got really good at placing mass sent emails into junk folders. Meaning few if any people opened them up and even fewer people took advantage of the promotion inside of them.

Then there was the fact that – instead of checking emails 10 times per day – people started checking emails more rarely. Email had forever lost its ability to excite!

That brings us to today:

  • Mass sent emails almost always end up in spam/junk folders
  • People are no longer excited to receive emails
  • People barely check emails

And this is largely where facebook picked up:

  • People check it multiple times throughout the day
  • People are more inclined to engage in posts than to respond to emails
  • You can build a ridiculous large audience on there, reach out to them as often as you want
  • It’s FREE!

These are just some of the reasons a facebook audience is such a “must have”. The best part in my opinion is: It does not matter if I own a business I want to grow or simply want to become a self-made celebrity, I can do that very quickly via facebook.

In my wife’s case, she just wanted to grow her tiny facebook audience of food lovers, but had no idea how to do that. And so she took Rachel’s Moolah course!

I will break into it a bit more a little later, but the rest, as they say, is history!

She not only grew her facebook audience to over 100,000 fans, but is now able to leverage that audience to generate tens of thousands of visitors to her blog every single month.

Again, I will dive into the specifics a little later on, but if that sounds like something you would want, this course by Rachel will empower you with the step by step guide on how to do so.

Cultivating a Relationship with Your Audience

Best Moolah Facebook Marketing Course Review

When the internet became a scary place due to email spammers, internet marketers started complaining that the huge audiences they had built were no longer responsive like they used to be. As in, their email list subscribers had stopped opening and acting on the email promotions they were sending out.

Now what? Had email marketing died?

It was right about this time that Frank Kern (an internet marketing legend) came out and said “the money isn’t in the list, but in the relationship you have with your list!”

In other words, people will still open your emails if you have a good relationship with them. If you spam them, your emails end in their spam/junk folders and they never actually hear from you. If they forget about you and you then try selling them things, you’re not going to get any responses..

So how do you build and maintain – not just a top of mind awareness, but – a positive relationship with your email audience?

It’s hard. The email platform does not make this very easy. Especially since people are bombarded with new emails every time they log on.

You know what makes this easy though? Facebook. In fact, this is the very concept facebook is built around. People spend hours every day scrolling through their facebook feed… looking for something new… hoping SOMEONE will talk to them that day.

Almost everyone with internet access around the world has a facebook account they monitor. Imagine knowing how to leverage that. Imagine knowing how to build and then cultivate a relationship with just about anyone in the world who is interested in what you’re all about.

With this Moolah course you learn just that. And more. Unlike any other facebook course I have ever seen, Rachel literally shows you step by step how to do everything. How much is that worth to you?

Facebook is an invaluable resource. It’s not just my opinion, but it’s a fact. And for a limited time you can have access to the most advanced training out there – through here!


If you are into growing a facebook page, want to leverage facebook to drive traffic to your site, or simply want to become a facebook celebrity, this course is for you!

The challenge is to get in when Rachel opens it up. I say it is a challenge because it is closed to new members 95% of the time. As in, there are just a few days every 3 months that Rachel allows new members to sign up. So if it is open right now, know it won’t be open for long.
This leaves you with 3 options:

  1. Never take the course and take years to build a tiny facebook following (like my wife tried doing).
  2. Wait until the course opens again in 3 months (hopefully) and expect to pay more for it. Or…
  3. Sign up here, learn everything Rachel teaches, apply it, and (potentially) double your audience and facebook website traffic within the next couple of months like my wife did.

It is probably one of the more expensive courses I have EVER recommended, but the saying “you get what you pay for” definitely holds true for this one.

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    • Absolutely!

      One of the problems with the internet is that there is so much hype. The Moolah Facebook Strategies Course by Rachel Miller is no different. What IS different though is that the course actually delivers on the goods IF the student puts in the work (as was the case with my wife who was a paying customer of the Moolah course).

  1. This looks interesting, I have ready other Facebook course but this one is a bit different, I would love to try it

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