Services I Use & Recommend

Here is a list of services I use on a regular bases and that I feel comfortable recommending.

Backlink Services:

Hatreds PBN Service has become my #1 to go to source for strong Private Blog Network (PBN) backlinks. He isn’t the cheapest guy around, but certainly the best I’ve ever worked with. He KNOWS his stuff!
LightningRank is owned by Jon Hover and is my second to go to source for PBN backlinks. He is a bit too pricey for my liking but his team gets the job done.
I started using Nix press release service about a year ago and now do about 10 – 12 press releases per month simply because of the backlinks I get from them. I’ve written an indepth review of his gig here.

SEO Tools:

There are a lot of half decent keyword tools on the market today. Some are super expensive, yet most have a short shelf life due to Google changing their keyword API requirements. I have been using KeySearch for a while. It super easy to use and is very affordable as well. I highly recommend them.
SerpBook is by far the best rank tracking service I have ever used. And I’ve tried a bunch. It’s simple with no fancy graphs, but it does check your rankings every few hours if you want it to.
I’ve been with them for almost a year now and – unlike some other services I’ve used – they have never once let me down.

Hosting Service Provider:

HostGator: I currently rent a dedicated server from HostGator that I host some of my bigger sites on. Although they have grown to be one of the biggest and most popular hosting companies in the world, my experience with them over the last 7+ years has been nothing short of exceptional.