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The best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia (BC) aren’t necessarily the ones ranking on top of Google today, but the ones that have been on top for a long period of time (like me).

Why would I say that? Because it isn’t hard to get to #1 on Google, Bing, or even Yahoo. The hard part is staying #1.

Any SEO wannabe can spam their website (or yours for that matter) to the top of the search engines from his or her mama’s basement. It’s not hard to do.

The problem with using questionable SEO tactics is that it will get you ranking in the short term, but once the dust settles (usually within a few weeks), the site not only drops in rankings, but gets de-indexed by Google. Kelowna SEO Service CompanyMeaning Google bans the site from showing up in its search results altogether. Google does not tolerate spam of any kind. Neither should you!

Which is why you want to hire a Kelowna SEO Company that not only understands the Kelowna market, but has a decade long history of getting local, national, and international client websites top search engine rankings.

That is where and I come in!

Your Kelowna Based SEO Guy

Before I go on a bragging streak, let me just ask you this: How did you find this page? Was it an add in the Yellow pages? How about The Daily Courier (local Kelowna newspaper)? What about the radio or local TV station?

I guarantee it wasn’t any of those. It was either
A.) a recommendation, OR
B.) a search – either on Google, Yahoo, or Bing!

The reason I say that is because about 50% of my SEO customers come to me by recommendation of my existing or previous SEO clients. The other 50% (+/-) find me by doing a search engine search.

Who better to get your website to the top of Google then someone who not only gets recommended a lot, but also maintains top Google positions in Kelowna himself?

Unlike so many Canadian (even Kelowna) based SEO firms, Yellow pages, news papers, or other news outlets, I don’t hide behind a 1800 number or some distant corporate office. When you hire me, I work with you. You get my direct email that I check throughout the day – 6 days a week and you also get my direct line phone # should you ever have to get a hold of me quickly.

Having said that, I am very intuitive and generally require very little input to get the job done.

Here’s the thing: I am sure each of the mediums I just mentioned (Yellowpages, TV, radio, or even newspapers), have their audiences and I have absolutely zero beef with any of them. The truth however is, I find each of them very hard and expensive to work with. Especially considering the value you get in return.

Let’s face it: The world has evolved. We’re in the digital age now. Which is why 99% of all Canadians now use search engines to find local businesses. The days of looking through the Yellow pages are gone.

Which is why I am not a Yellow pages guy. I am also not a newspaper kinda guy. Neither am I a radio or TV kinda guy. I am the search engine guy.

I know what makes search engines love a website like I know the back of my hand. It’s not a guessing game for me. Getting top search engine rankings in Kelowna (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) comes down to sound SEO strategies. Which is why I get results – that last – fast.

If you want to get your Kelowna business website to the top of Google for your local market, click here to get in touch with me. I promise to not overwhelm you with techie words and be 100% transparent with you along the way.

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In case you want to get to know me better first and why I am such a big believer in top search engine rankings making all the difference for a business, please keep reading.

Getting With The Times

It is hard to comprehend that only a decade ago it made sense for businesses to list their products and services in local newspapers, fliers, or Yellow pages. My… how quickly times have changed.

Now, local businesses that have top search engine rankings tend to get two to five times more business than the ones that don’t. How much would doubling your existing customer base be worth to you?

Of course results take time and outcomes vary, but what would doubling your current sales be worth to you?

Bye Bye Yellow Pages!

Even Yellow pages still delivers tens of thousands of it’s spam books every single year. The part that disturbs me is that they still sell ad listings in those books for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars.

Truth is, who still uses those fat books for anything other than turning a chair into a booster seat or propping a shed door open? It’s an expired platform to advertise on and certainly not worth your hard earned money.

You wouldn’t believe how many business owners I’ve talked to that still spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month on advertising with Yellow pages. When I ask them why they usually respond with “I need more customers, Konrad. The sales guy said it would pay off!”

When I ask how many customers came as a result of the Yellow page ad, the answer usually is a shameful “not as many as I expected!”

After more prying, I usually find out they could not trace one single customer back to the Yellow pages ad. Or, they got a couple calls through the ad – both some 90 year old granny asking for some information.

Don’t get me wrong. I love old people. I learn a lot from chatting with them – even if they are complete strangers that I accidently got on the phone – but they have never benefited my business bottom line. In other words – that age group is rarely the one making worthwhile purchasing decisions.

So what is the point in marketing your business to an audience that couldn’t care less about it? Not much if you ask me!

Yes, I am aware that Yellow pages will rent you a page on their website, but why rent when you can own? Spend a bit more, get your own site ranking, and stop worrying about a company that sells your competition the same package it sold you.

Again, no beef with Yellow pages, but as a business owner myself it does not make any logical sense to me to pay for an outdated marketing system. Nevermind renting space from them when you could just as easily own it yourself.

Saying “No!” to Newspaper Ads

I get it. Newspapers have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, newspapers have been the single most published reading material ever printed. Which is why some of the big newspaper giants laughed when they were first told to start sharing their news on this thing called “the internet”.

I can only imagine how to conversation went: “He listen Joe, I like your out of the box thinking, but newspapers aren’t going anywhere. They have been around for four hundred years!”

If you have been in a huge historic newspaper building in the last ten years (I used to work at one), you will know what I mean when I say “most of the rooms are empty!”

The printing presses now run for an hour or two a day – not twelve to twenty hours a day like they used to just. Instead of printing hundreds of thousands of papers every single day, they barely print tens of thousands of papers 5 days a week. Even though the city they are in has grown exponentially, very few people still buy the paper.

Want to know who still buys them? Mainly retirees. There is nothing wrong with that except – if you’re running an ad through the paper, it will mainly be seen by retirees as well. Again, if they are your ideal customer, this is good news. If not, well, keep reading.

Even though staff is less then ten percent of what these newspaper giants used to have, their “ads department” are as busy as ever. Not because people come to them to run ads, but because they try convincing businesses to buy their ads.

Which is why – aside from the occasional news article – you will find entire pages plastered with ads for car dealerships, furniture outlets, and mattress companies. They each spend thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars every single month to be in the paper.

These big spenders are large what keep the papers going. The occasional news story is what keeps it looking legitimate. How else could they call it a newspaper?

So again, unless you’re trying to tap into the retiree market, you’re better off posting your ad on Castanet, Kijiji, or even Craigslist. Or – the ultimate option – ranking on top of Google with your own website. I would love to help you with that!