My Own Products

Here is a small list with some of the many products I have come out with over the years.

SamsonEliteBoxSamson Elite WP Plugin: This is to date one of the most recommended SEO plugins by SEO newbies and experts alike. The reason? Simple. Samson Elite is a genius concept for getting high quality backlinks instantaneously.

If your blog is still struggling to attract high quality backlinks or simply needs more of them, this plugin is for you!

Check out this page for all the juicy details!


Ping Automatic 2.0Ping Automatic 2.0: The concept of this plugin is not new. In fact, this plugin is an update to one of my earlier plugins that came about as a result of one of my first products online.

It not only helps links get indexed, but helps them stay indexed as well. Although a little dated, it is still a treasure in many a SEO professional’s tool box!

Check out this page for the exact details!


RSSassinRSSassin: Originally designed to replace Ping Automatic, it turned into a plugin in a unique/different niche.

Check out this page for the more details!