Projects for Sale…
Over the last 3 years of being a fulltime internet marketer, I have started and run many different projects; Some became very successful, while others I never truly pursued and as a result never made much money with.

I have become very focused on a handful of ventures – still online but mostly outside of the internet marketing niche – and I am as a result selling/getting rid of the majority of projects that I do not see myself pursuing in the near future.

If one gets your attention, be sure to get in contact with me and we’ll see how we can make it yours.


Project #1:

I have had this domain for a few years now and what originally got me to purchase it was the sheer volume of searches done each month for “free people locator”. I figured I could turn it into something similar as Tissa Godavitarne’s ACME People Search. He consistently comes up as the #1 GDI promoter with his system and I figured it could not be too hard to duplicate his success on an even grander scale.

It includes a database of tens of thousands of first names and tens of thousands of last names (the most popular of each) and randomly matches them up to create a new page. The idea here was/is that search engines can index individual pages and if someone searches for a matching name, this generated page would get the visitor. Just for the record, it used to get a decent bit of traffic from that and still gets some from direct name searches.

Other traffic lands on the main page from where they do a search. The name they end up searching for would automatically create a page and if the first or last name was not already in the database, it would get added also. This means the first name and last name databases can grow on forever – 100% on autopilot.

Now, it does not get all that much traffic anymore (about 7000 unique visitors these last 9 months). It also does not make any money at the moment – not because the traffic does not convert, but because the affiliate network it is set up with right now does not appear to exist anymore. It used to generate a sale or two a month back in the day (via clickbank) but like I said: I have not touched it in probably over a year and as such, a lot of optimizing could still be done to turn this gold mine into a cash machine.

Quick Facts: The design was custom made – specificall for the site. It is currently hosted at GVO. If you could see yourself taking this site to a new level, make me an offer.

Suggestions: First thing I would do if I had the time/energy for it, would be:

  • Setting it up with a new affiliate program
  • Adding “name” related content to the “results” pages through a news feed.

The rest is up to your imagination. Let me know if you have any questions and hey, make me an offer I can’t refuse and the project is all yours.


Project #2:

PingAutomatic was an idea that I originally turned in the a server based piece of software. It was the first “product” launch that I ever did online and I ended up making around $7000 – $8000 within the first week of launching it. I closed the door for a week or two and relaunched it using the WarriorPlus affiliate program, and ended up selling another $8,776 worth of the same software with the help of a couple affiliates.

People loved what the product stood for and kept asking if I could create a WordPress plugin out of it. I ended up doing that and generated another $5,667 worth of sales as a result. I have gone on and made a few more sales here and there in different networks that I later on listed it in but I am not exactly sure how much that would come to.

All in all, it was a simple idea that took a newbie (me) with no list in to $22,000. Naturally I have learned a ton since and could double that many times over if I relaunched the product, but like I said before: I have become super focused on just a few ventures outside of the Internet Marketing niche and though the potential is high, I don’t see myself coming out with another version anytime soon.

If you got an idea on how to take it to the next level and you would like to take over the project from here on out, just get in touch with me and for the right price I will consider letting you have it. I will even put you in contact with my programmer if you want to help you take it to the next level.

Suggested Upgrades: Adding social media/sharing features. Integrate indexing service APIs.