Death to Income Reports

2 Feb

I originally wrote this post 2 weeks ago, but couldn’t get myself to post it. Especially when I got comments or emails from people saying they loved reading my income reports. So, to keep you in the loop as to why there is no January income report up, I thought I’d finally hit publish. Let me know your thoughts.

Here goes the original post I wrote two weeks ago:

An important lesson I learned at a seminar years ago was to make quick business decisions. The argument was that super wealthy people make quick decisions and as a result take advantage of opportunities most people would miss out on 90% of the time.

The one quote I marked down in my notes went something like this:

Make quick decisions and act on them. You can always change your mind later!

This has served me well. I’ve gotten into business partnerships in a matter of days just because I was able to make a quick decision. This has resulted in exceptional incomes and learning experiences I could not have gotten anywhere else.

I’ve also gotten out of business partnerships quickly when realizing the business wasn’t going anywhere and saved myself a ton of headache, time, and money before the business came crashing down.

I aim to make quick decisions. And I also try to make quick adjustments to those decisions as time goes on and I get a clearer picture. It’s like driving on the highway at nighttime: You can only see a few seconds in front of you despite having your lights on. Yet you keep driving at a high speed – believing there will be an open road ahead – but ready to slam on the brakes if circumstances or road signs call for it.

With that said, I like to do my due diligence. I will research things to great lengths before I commit to them. My wife is even more analytical. We both go to great lengths to read up and plan things out – especially when it comes to traveling. Almost always – minutes before we commit to pulling the trigger – we decide on something completely different than what we initially had in mind.

And it feels great. We did our research and in the end made an educated decision that made more sense than our original plan. Since we both find rigid schedules stressful, we tend to do a lot more by intuition this way and get a much better hands on experience on things (generally speaking).

Which leads me to a big… Announcement

Just a month ago I vowed to continue doing income reports for (this blog). Going to bed last night I couldn’t stop thinking I should stop doing them. Maybe I just dreaded doing January’s income report (despite it being another decent month), but figured they are not really worth my time anymore.

Before doing anything drastic though, I decided to sleep on it!

This morning as I was checking income stats from a handful of my online ventures (or ventures I’m a partner in), I once again concluded it is time to stop doing the income reports for this site and focus wholeheartedly on a few other projects I’m passionate about.

I have no intentions of killing this blog though. I might do the occasional “how to” post still, but the monthly income report part is officially dead.


When I first got into Internet Marketing (IM), I had this dream of becoming an affiliate marketer that made good money yet wasn’t known by anyone. In other words, I had no intentions of ever teaching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or IM related stuff.

As time progressed though and I was learning the ropes of SEO, list building, product & service launches, etc, I found that it was super easy to make money selling people “how to make money online” type products and services. I made good money doing it and some of those ventures still pay me today even though I have not created or launched any IM products or services in 4 years.

About two years ago I finally decided to focus more heavily on the real dream: Becoming successful as an affiliate marketer. Mainly by means of getting sites ranking high in search engines for my desired search phrases and then make money through affiliate links of products and services I was recommending on such sites.

Today I have more income coming in each month – passively – then I often did back then doing regular launches. I loved doing launches but was always super overwhelmed by them. I also did not like how many of the products I launched weren’t passive. Meaning I had to continuously hustle to earn a paycheck or my accounts would dry up before long.

I am not saying this to brag as it obviously took a ton of hard work and sacrifice to get here, but my point is this: I attained my dream job (if I can call it that) with close to a dozen different sources of income (super diversified) and it’s even better than I ever imagined it being.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my foot in the door of teaching IM. Especially SEO. Not because I was overly passionate about becoming a guru teacher, but because I knew it would be a safe option to fall back on should my other ventures ever fold on me.

Because my passive income sources are so diversified, I no longer worry about what would happen if one or two of them dried up overnight. I am not saying I’ve built an unsinkable Titanic, but rather that I don’t see myself pursuing the IM or SEO niche as a major source of income anytime soon again.

I do have a few potential partner projects still in the works in this niche, so I’m not checking out completely just yet, but I won’t be committing any more time to doing monthly income reports.

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have been following along and sending me messages letting me know you’re enjoying my posts. I appreciate your love and support.

I’ll still be around to occasionally do “how to” posts or product review posts, so stick around. I’ve always got cool stuff up my sleeve.

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

2 thoughts on “Death to Income Reports

  1. Konrad interesting read. Quick decision is one of the qualities of a true leader. I believe you not losing anything by shutting down income reports.

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