Getting Started with List Building – The Basics of List Building

17 Dec

No doubt you have heard the term ‘the money is in the list’ and for any type of on or off line marketer this holds very true.  Creating a list will turn out to be a valuable commodity, imagine creating a new product and knowing that by just emailing your list you will achieve sales? Wouldn’t that be great? Well you can do this do and this article will show you how to easily get started building your list.

The best way to start building your list is to offer your readers something for free. This could be access to your newsletter or to a report. To do this you will require two things:

  • An autoresponder account
  • A product to give away

There are many different autoresponder services on the market two of the most popular are AWeber and GetResponse. For a free service you can use MailChimp but be aware that they frown upon affiliate marketers and once you have 500 subscribers you have to begin paying.

AWeber is the service that I use and has lots of sign up or opt in forms that you can use on your page. Once inside your account you would create a list by following the step by step instructions.  Then select a template, simply copy the code and insert it into your site.

The next thing you need is a free report or eBook to give away. This doesn’t have to be that long about 10 pages should do. If you have your own eBook you could giveaway the first two chapters and then sell the remainder of the book.

If you don’t enjoy writing then using private label rights content or PLR as it is know, is your quickest solution. There are plenty of PLR sites to choose from just do a quick search on line for your subject + PLR and see what you can find.

With your PLR report I suggest that you make some quick changes to it as I have outlined below.

  • Change the title and include your main keyword
  • Make the introduction personal to your site
  • Add your own keywords and affiliate links throughout the report
  • Insert your summary or conclusion with a call to action
  • Get a new cover made for it – you can get one made on Fiverr quickly or make one yourself (see “free eCover creator” post for details)

Once you have your report edited then turn it into a PDF file then zip it up and upload it to your hosting account. You will want to create a thank you or download page with the link to this file. Alternatively you can deliver it with your AWeber messages as an attachment.

You can now place your opt in form on your website. Make sure it is above the fold. This means that it needs to be visible as soon as someone lands on your page without them having to scroll down.  If you look on this site you will see that the SEO Tips box is at the top of the page, in a perfect position to collect subscribers.

Your other choice is to create what is known as a squeeze page. This is one page that displays information about what you are offering and contains your opt in box. Squeeze pages can be a very effective way of building a list. You can download a free squeeze page template from here or do a quick search online for templates.

Squeeze Page Template

You may want to consider adding a video to your squeeze page as these have been shown to convert extremely well.

By using this information you can now get your product and your opt in form ready. Next time we will discuss other ways to build your list and talk about setting up your follow up emails in your autoresponder account.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your newly created squeeze pages.

Sue Fleckenstein

I am a freelance writer and content creator living in the Toronto area. I am working on growing my PLR Store to create a residual income stream. Not sure what PLR is? Then you can download my Free PLR Guide and learn how to use your PLR content to its best advantage.

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