Google PR (Page Rank) Update – July 18, 2011

19 Jul

Google has done it again: a dreaded PR update just 3 weeks after the previous one.

Why did Google do that? I have no idea!

I have a feeling though that perhaps Google felt they were being overly generous with the last update, so they tightened the requirements and did another update.

Reason for saying that is… some of my sites gained 2 PR points with the previous update, yet with today’s update those sites lost the 2 added PR points again.  I am a little sad, but life goes on!

What is Google PR and how does it affect your website?  I explain in this video:

Besides having high quality content on your website, the best way to increase your Google page rank is to get high PR inbound backlinks linking to your website.

Here is where I usually get my high PR backlinks from!

They are a lot cheaper than pretty much any other place I have tried but they are just as good.  In fact, they are all do-follow… which is super important if you want to steal PR juice!

How did the latest PR update affect you?  I would love to hear your thoughts below!


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  1. Since you recommend another links service as the best way to increase page rank how does your link service help people increase page rank?

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