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21 Mar, as you’ll see in this review (my honest testimonial btw), is a godsend ebook cover maker for the PhotoShop challenged like myself.

Unless you’re über artistic – which I’m not – you will have a hard time creating your own 3D eBook covers. In fact, I remember attempting to design something that resembled an eCover using Photoshop and I failed horribly. It’s bloody hard!eBook Cover ToolAfter throwing my hands up in the air out of pure frustration, I started testing different ebook cover creator tools and ecover generating software available online today.

Many of them cost a fortune to get and yet proved to not work properly anymore – especially the ones you have to physically download and install on your computer. I found them not only incompatible with my laptop (they were badly outdated), but also realized they did not give me a lot of design options.

Would you want yet another plain Jane ecover style if you could design HOT looking ones yourself (for free)? I wouldn’t!

This is why I started using the free-to-use MyeCoverMaker site. Because it is browser based, you can easily create ecovers from a tablet or even mobile device. So you really don’t have to worry about it being compatible, up to date, or even about having to download it on to your machine. Heck, they will even store your ecovers for you on their site. How cool is that?

It is super cool!

There are plenty of awesome styles you can use for free, but for a couple dollars a month they give you access to dozens of more design options. Which is why – today – I only use MyeCoverMaker to create all my ebook covers.

I just love how user-friendly they are. The results look professional and have saved me a ton of headaches, time, and money. It certainly beats trying to create ugly ecovers using outdated Photoshop templates!

Here are the main features I like about My eCover Maker:

  • Unlimited Access
  • 90 designs
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Instant Download
  • High Quality 3D renders
  • Free 2D Flat Covers
  • Create Packages
  • Save and Edit Later
  • 100’s of quality graphics

Still reading? Just get it already (Click Here!)

In addition to the main features the software includes eye catching fonts and styled text effects. They have fire text fonts and metallic ones to really make your cover creations pop!
The free 2D flat covers are perfect for using on your PDF’s or for creating fliers, brochures and other marketing material. Take your design to your local printer and you can have professional looking advertising material at a fraction of the cost.
Subscription Levels
Currently there are three different subscription levels for the MyECoverMaker:

  • Free access – try out the software and only pay when you are ready to download, currently priced at $4.95 per download
  • Monthly access – this costs $14.95 per month and provides you with unlimited access and downloads
  • Yearly access – the best value for your money at $99 for the entire year, with unlimited access and downloads

If you only need one cover now and again then paying per download is the most obvious choice. Once you create more than three covers each month you can save money by signing up for the monthly subscription. You can save even more money by taking advantage of the yearly price.
All payments are done via PayPal and you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account.
When it comes to designing any type of cover you need to use images and graphics. MyECoverMaker has you covered there as well. They supply you with 100’s of graphics, clip art, fonts and templates to make it super simple to create that perfect cover with ease.
If you have ever purchased photos or images you know that they can be expensive, sometimes as much as $10 or more per image, depending upon the size required. Again this will save you money and time. It can take hours sometimes to hunt down that perfect image.
Plus you don’t have to finish your cover in one sitting. It is possible to save your designs and come back and edit them later on. This is a great feature as you never know when you might suddenly get interrupted.
Customer Reviews
It always pays to do your due diligence when considering a new product and the same applies to MyeCoverMaker. Below are some actual testimonials from customers who have used this software.

  • As a start-up entrepreneur, having the ability to quickly, easily, and CHEAPLY create my own product and ebook shots really helps increase the overall value of my products while keeping my costs low
  • This site makes me feel like a professional.
  • Thank you for your wonderful program. I am not very technical, but I am making great e-book covers.

Video Tutorial

On the home page of MyECoverMaker there is a short 10 minute instructional video so you can see just how easy it is to use this software. Watch it now and then decide if this is something that could make you life a heck of a lot easier!


As I mentioned before I use this software all the time for my own book and report covers. This is why I highly recommend this product. If you are a serious marketer or author, then MyeCoverMaker will save you time and money while producing professional results.

Check it out today and I would love to see how your ebook covers turn out!

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