How to Make Videos go Viral‏

9 Nov

How to Make Videos go ViralHave you ever wanted to own a video that everyone is recommending to their friends and family?

I know I always did… and there was a time where I would pay someone to make funny videos for me. I realized just how much free traffic a video like that could potentially drive to my sites and I wanted in.

You remember that “charlie bit my finger” video? It was (probably still is) the most watched video on youtube. It has close to 400 million views. Just how crazy is that for a silly little video?

How about the “chocolate rain” video? Have you ever seen it? It is such an annoying tune and so getto… but it has over 70 million views.

Imagine having your link in the description of a video like that. I can only imagine the traffic you would be getting as a result.

How did these videos get that many views?

It’s simple really: the videos went viral!

Here is something that will make your videos go viral – even if they are not silly. Click Here to Check it Out Now!

I had the priveledge to test drive a few months ago and I was blown away because every aspect of the system was breakthrough new technology!

If you do or are planning to do any kind of video marketing whatsoever, I STRONGLY recommend you check this out now!

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback on it below.

Konrad Braun

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