The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Book Cover Creators

28 Apr

Sometimes ecover creators get a bad rap and this may not always be the fault of the software they are using. As with any type of software you need to take the time to learn how to use it correctly.

Unless of course you use the free ecover creator service I use!

While most ecover creator software is not really difficult to learn how to use. It is often choosing the wrong font size or style that can throw things off. Try not to use any font that is too fancy, it often won’t look as good as you think once your ecover is rendered.

Another consideration is to think about your color scheme. Again don’t over use your color scheme. Try to use a main color with a contrasting one. Too many colors are just a distraction for people.

Think about what you want people to focus on when it comes to looking at your ecover. Do you want the title to stand out, or do you want the image to be the main attraction?

The ugliest ebook covers will be those that are filled with a rainbow of colors. It will be difficult or almost impossible to read the title and author name correctly as well.

A good quality book cover will be easy to read and it will be a simple task for any reader to know what the book is actually about. Your goal with your book cover should be to entice people to open up your book to see more details.

Even if you are publishing an ebook, potential customer’s usually have the ability to preview part of the book before deciding whether or not to buy. Keeping this in mind means your cover and your introduction and first chapter should be easy to read and enticing.

Publishing giants such as Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace are making it easier for people to design their ecovers online. Both of these sites offer some form of ecover creator that you can use. Just keep in mind that these have limited book cover templates. What this means is that your book covers could end up looking very similar to others being published.

In order to create a good looking ecover you should take the time to learn one of the easy to use ecover creator software programs that are available. These are low cost and many even let you try out their software for free. As we mentioned above just pay attention to your use of color and font size in order to create a great looking ecover that will stand out.

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