Using Technology to Its Fullest Potential

1 Feb

Technology has come a long way in recent years but are you taking advantage of it to its fullest potential? I still remember being in the last year of high school and loving the fact that we were allowed to use a calculator instead of a slide rule! Today children in school have computers in their kindergarten classes.

Having at least one computer in your home is commonplace. It seems that the majority of people now have a cell or smartphone. The convenience factor of this is huge! Mobile devices allow you to access the internet at any time from any place.

If you run any type of business either on or offline you should be taking advantage of mobile marketing. Is your website viewable on a smartphone or Ipad? If not it may be worth making it compatible.

The numbers of mobile users is growing and you could be losing out on market exposure by not be aware of these devices. With the present increase of mobile users it won’t be long before more people use a mobile device to connect to the internet instead of a home PC.

It is not just mobile marketing that is increasing social networks are huge. You should at the very least be incorporating Facebook and Twitter marketing into your business plan.

Talk about new events and happenings in your business on Facebook. Twitter is great for offering specials and coupons. Did you know that it is possible to run contests on both Facebook and Twitter? This is a great way to drum up new business and who doesn’t love to enter to win a giveaway?

Next time you are out around town make a note of how many people are using a mobile device. The numbers may just surprise you! Even books have gone mobile with the Kindle exploding onto the scene. Many types of e-readers are now available and with these devices it is possible to read outside in sunlight.

Self publishing is huge and you can easily publish a book on Kindle or CreateSpace promoting your own business. Your customers would be very impressed to see that you are a published author!

If your business marketing has run a little stale and is in need of a shakeup then consider marketing aimed at mobile devices. Targeted messages can be delivered to smartphones and have anyone in the neighbourhood dropping by within minutes to cash in on a special timed coupon.

Isn’t it time you sat down and thought about how to grab your share of this developing trend today?

Sue Fleckenstein

I am a freelance writer and content creator living in the Toronto area. I am working on growing my PLR Store to create a residual income stream. Not sure what PLR is? Then you can download my Free PLR Guide and learn how to use your PLR content to its best advantage.

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