What are your dreams?

14 Feb

As someone who is attempting to make a living online you must have some kind of dream? Are you pursuing the internet lifestyle for a specific reason? Or are you simply trying to make some extra money? Once you identify what your internet dream is you can then start taking action towards being productive.

For myself and my husband our dream is to travel around the U.S. and Canada. Of course trying to avoid the winter cold! This started off as a pipe dream but lately we have been discussing this option more. Our kids have both left home and we are by ourselves on a huge property with our two dogs. Our one lab turns 16 this week and he is holding us back from traveling right now. He needs a lot of attention and help right now. He can’t get up and down the stairs sometimes and other times he just loses where he is.

Right now we are not ready to take the plunge as there are lots of things to take care of first. The main one is to sell our home. Which is part of the reason why we want to travel. We have no mortgage anymore but the property taxes are so high and still increasing that the monthly payments are almost as high as what our mortgage was before! So why stay here and pay that kind of money when we could travel instead?

Living an RV Lifestyle is actually done by lots of people which is something I recently discovered, when doing more research on this topic. Families with kids are living this way with the children being home schooled along the way. I think the experience of travel is an education in itself.

If we do decide to go this route it would hopefully be in about two years time. How long we would go for I don’t know. It will be great to have the freedom just to drive until you have enough. Then come back and choose a new location to live in and see what life brings along the way.

So what are your dreams and your reason for working online? Mine is to provide us with additional income while hopefully traveling!

Sue Fleckenstein

I am a freelance writer and content creator living in the Toronto area. I am working on growing my PLR Store to create a residual income stream. Not sure what PLR is? Then you can download my Free PLR Guide and learn how to use your PLR content to its best advantage.

One thought on “What are your dreams?

  1. Excellent post Sue, and I agree: what is it we really want out of our internet marketing adventure? Or as the personal development experts always ask “what is your why?”
    For my wife and I, it too is the ability to travel. We got rid of the majority of our possessions and packed the rest of it away in a container. We’re travelling SE Asia at the moment and we love it. In fact, we’re both dreaming about moving to various countries for certain periods of time just to learn various languages. It’s a dream for both of us and doing what we do, it has become a reality we wake up to every day.
    Unless we know exactly what it is we want, there is no way we will ever figure out how to get there. It becomes guesswork rather than strategy.
    Good post and hey, awesome dream as well. Never lose sight of it 🙂


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