August 2016 Income Report

2 Sep

August-2016-Income-ReportAugust saw us finally move into our long-term home here in San Miguel de Allende. Our new place is quite spacious and has three large roof-top balconies – two of them overlooking the artsy town of San Miguel de Allende.

I’ve always wanted a roof-top balcony. Now we got three of them: One for morning Yoga (ya right, lol), one for breakfast, and one to enjoy a glass of red wine in the evenings :).

Enough bragging though. Let’s dive into August’s income report for this blog. Income for August 2016

IMPORTANT: I never include earnings from ventures unrelated to this blog. I own and am a partner in a bunch of online business ventures, but – for the sake of a fair case study – only earnings directly related to will be noted.

The income breakdown: 

  • MyeCoverMaker: $238.40
    • Well this is exciting. July was my highest month with these guys for the year, but this month (August) was officially the highest month ever – despite me redirecting all traffic to another eBook cover making product for almost a week at the beginning of the month. I switched it back because the other product wasn’t converting the way I had hoped. I imagine I’d have done close to $300 from these guys if I hadn’t done that. No big deal though. Testing things is what it’s all about for me. You don’t know for sure until you’ve tried, right?
  • SourceMarket: $42.73 

That is all I can – with certainty – attribute to this blog.

Still, a grand total of: $281.13 Expenses for August 2016

The expense breakdown:

  • HostGator: $5.97
    • PLEASE NOTE: I have a dedicated server with HostGator that I have a bunch of my sites on. is also hosted on that server, so I don’t actually pay HostGator $5.97 per month to keep this site running, but am simply noting that I would roughly pay that much per month if I were to host JUST this blog with them using their basic WordPress Hosting plan.
  • Gary’s PBN Links: $50.00
    • It was the last day of the month and I realized I hadn’t spent a penny promoting this blog in August, so I jumped on over to SourceMarket and bought a handful of PBN links. The PBN links aren’t live yet, but they will be pointing to the review once they are 🙂

Total expenses: $55.97

August Takeaway

This blog ( profited me $225.16 in spendable cash in August. Not too bad at all. In fact, it was my best month to date with this blog.

You think going from 30 search visitors per month five months ago to over 800 search visitors a month now (and constantly increasing) might have had something to do with it? Absolutely!

I will publish a post soon on how that happened, and how is on track to getting over 1000 Google search visitors in September. It’s quite fascinating.

How much time did I spend on this blog in August though? Not much. All I did was write two posts: the July income report and the press release service review post.

I doubt I spent more than five hours total writing those two. I did spend too much time trying to figure out different video editing software for the press release review video though. I’m still not happy with the way it turned out but I know future videos will be much better because of what I learned doing it.

Let’s just say I learned a lot in August. Not just how to (not) work with various video editing software, but I also spent time on personal development, learning Spanish, learning/testing all things SEO, etc.

If I were to describe August with one sentence it would be this: I learned a lot!

Going Forward With

Going into September and beyond, I want to do more product and service reviews. I know the quickest way for me to scale this blog’s income would be to create my own product or service, but I don’t have time for that (yet).

So I will do the next best thing: Review products and services I use, get those reviews ranking (like I did with the eBook cover post), and start collecting affiliate commissions from them passively.

Next month is going to be one year since I started posting these income reports, so – although not bad for a side project – it is time to step things up a few notches.

The plan? To go back to publishing one post per week again, create and upload one video per week to YouTube, and get busy building backlinks to said reviews.

Check back next month to see how I did 🙂

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