Better than Public Blog Networks & It Still Works

12 Apr

Late afternoon yesterday I decided to shoot a quick video for you and though most of it went well, I did not realize so much background noise would get in to the video. I tried editing it out but there is still quite a bit of the none-stop thunder in the background, including rain, and a siren.

While editing it I screwed up the original HD somehow and the visual part of it got distorted too a bit, so I apologize for it not being as crisp as we like to have our videos.

Having said that, I think the message is still understandable and for those interested, I do lay out some actionable steps you can take to duplicate my success.

Here is the video:

I touched on this topic in my previous blog post entitled “Do Blog Networks Still Work?” but figured I should create a short little video where I talk about what exactly I did in a little more details. So here it is!

I would love your feedback and personal experiences in this regard!

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

12 thoughts on “Better than Public Blog Networks & It Still Works

  1. “Thanks Konrad, looking forward towards the update on WEB 2.0 blog networks.
    I tries to contact the outsource broker you recommend (through your forwarded email address) but did not receive any answer. Is he still active?
    Karl G

    • Thanks Karl,

      About the outsource worker (VA): Strange he never responded. I will hit him up and see if he is still around.
      I ought to update the post as these days I mainly get my VAs through other sources (fiverr, digitalpoint forum, philippine craigslist, etc). Depends what I need done I guess.


    • Well to be honest with you, with my old strategy I had about a dozen or so LinkWheel networks built (in total probably 500 or more sites). Each linkwheel network was targeting one or two of my money sites.
      With my new strategy, I have (so far) about a dozen REAL blogs that I can post to any day I want to (I just rehired my VA to start building these again with my new blueprint).
      I did go back on some of my old free blogs and tried cleaning them up a bit but I think I am better off focusing that energy on new sites and letting the old ones be.
      In regards to the content on the old networks: I used a lot of spun content. Which worked great – but of course I do no longer recommend that. Spinning just isn’t worth it if you are trying to build a longterm business. I think at most – each site had about 5 or so posts on it.

      My new networks will be different. I will add content to it whenever possible – for as long as possible – but each time it will be 100% unique content for each post made.

      I hope that makes sense.


      • Hi Konrad,

        I have a few questions. Did you use a second tier of blogs for your old networks? And do you plan to use such for your new type of network?
        If you use a second tier do you make the links to the first tier to point to the home pages of the first tier or to the particular posts on the first tier that actually have links to your money sites? The same question should be applicable to the LinkWheels – do you link the particular posts or point to the home pages?

        Also if you only have a dozen of blogs in the new network are they enough to bring good results? Or will you need several dozens more in order to see results?

        And last question, I hope. Do you post only on certain topics in these blogs or they are kind of more general ones containing various topics, pictures, etc.?

        • Hi Elo,
          Yes, I did indeed use a second tier blogs (as outlined in the guide). My VA is currently setting everything up and I am planning on using a second tier again. It appears to be worthwhile for sure!

          On whether I link to homepage vs inner pages: I do both. You don’t want to be doing the exact same thing on every blog you post, so mix it up. Make it real and authentic.

          I have done incredibly well with a couple dozen blogs in my network, but that would obviously depend on how difficult your keywords are. My philosophy is to have a VA working fulltime to always build more of these sites for me… and not just that, but to have her maintain those sites for me as well (keep them real, updated, etc). I hope that makes sense.

          Would you only write about one thing on your personal blog? I wouldn’t. Be creative though and don’t spam something with every post you make. Again, be real 🙂

          Let me know if I missed something,


  2. Hi Konrad,

    Thanks for your answers. I see you firmly propose being more real and authentic. I like this but would it be enough to fight with the competition? I mean if you try everything to look real you won’t be able to create quite many blogs (backlinks) and to maintain them (even with the help of VAs). So would this be enough to rank high in search engines?

    A few other questions also appeared in my mind. If you use a blog network to promote several of your money sites and put links to these money sites on all of the blogs in the network would it be suspicious to Google? Do they have a way to detect it and to punish you?

    Also do you put links to your money site in the profiles when you create the blogs or only in posts?

    And the last one for now, do you use same pictures in the profiles or not? If the pictures are the same, isn’t this somehow detected by Google and leading to some unpleasant consequences?

    • Hi Elo,
      I put links to my money sites where-ever possible – as long as it looks 100% natural. So, profile, for sure. Posts? Not in each one of course because that would look real spammy.
      I believe if you do everything gradual and build backlinks on all sites over time (not all at once), it can appear quite natural.
      I really don’t think Google is chasing sites down and punishing them because so many of the sites linking to them use the same profile picture. I know what you mean, but I just don’t see this happen.
      Of course, I could be wrong 🙂
      Just some of my thoughts on my tired mind. Sleepy time for me.

      PS: – Did you read my original Blog Network guide?

  3. Hi Konrad,

    I read a pdf named BuildYourBlogNetwork, I suppose this is the guide you have in mind.

    Thanks for your answers again and here are a few more questions from me. 🙂

    Do you create and manage the accounts on a same website from different IPs?

    The link wheels you’ve mentioned in the pdf are composed of 5 sites. Do you think it would be more safe if each wheel is made of 10 or even 15 sites? And also would it be more beneficial if each site on tier 2 takes part not in just one link wheel but for example in 5 wheels comprised of randomly choosen sites among the 200 websites of tier 2 (so there are more backlinks to each site in tier 2)?

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