Just Where Does the Time Go?

5 Apr

Have you ever found yourself wondering where all your time goes each day? I know I have lately. It seems that I have had so much to do that I am spreading myself thin.  Then you start feeling bad because you made commitments and then you get behind with these. But as the saying goes life just does get in the way sometimes.

I have been trying to grow my business and market myself at the same time. This alone can be so time consuming!  At least having my daily to-do list is a big help. This helps to keep me on track but then it can also have you feeling worried that you aren’t getting your goals met. Last week I decided that at the end of each day I would just prioritize what had to be done for the following day. The other tasks got pushed to the bottom of the list.

What I discovered was that if these smaller tasks stay consistently at the bottom of the list maybe they aren’t as necessary as you really thought.  This has helped to take the burden away to some extent. One day I hope to get to the point of being able to outsource work. But then maybe I should just learn to say no to people more often! How about you do you often take on too much and then sit and worry about how you will get it all accomplished? When I do this it is usually because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either.

One huge thing that got taken away from me this week was tax time! My son is in the army in Quebec and has Ontario and Quebec taxes to report. An absolute nightmare trying to do the two different tax forms together. In the end a friend came to the rescue and did them for me. Really you would think the two provinces were separate countries, neither make it easy to do the others taxes. Believe me I won’t be offering to do Quebec taxes again!

Hopefully your taxes will be easier to do! This was one of those times that it might have been easier with good old fashioned pen and paper forms. Software technology was no help at all!

Sue Fleckenstein

I am a freelance writer and content creator living in the Toronto area. I am working on growing my PLR Store to create a residual income stream. Not sure what PLR is? Then you can download my Free PLR Guide and learn how to use your PLR content to its best advantage.

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