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5 Jan

Most big marketers will tell you to save time by “outsourcing” more. I too have preached it whenever the opportunity arose, and I still actively outsource just about everything in my business when I can. In this short post I want to look at outsourcing from a slightly different perspective.

Basically, how we can use fiverr and other outsourcing sites to build massive business empires for ourselves in 2013.

If you have ever looked through some of the thousands of listings on fiverr, you will know the tremendous amount of talent you have at your disposal for $5 a pop. Sure, some gigs are not worth looking at, but there are plenty of good ones that make up for it.

Thought: if we were building our business one brick at a time, each fiverr gig we invest in, could be considered a brick.

Now, the question is: how big of a money-making empire can one build like this? It obviously depends on how many quality bricks one has (or invests in).

I agree, it can get expensive (ordering gigs that is) but when doing things right, they can make you fortunes in the long run!

A challenge I set for myself this year, is: to order at least 2 fiverr gigs per day. Sure, some days I might not get around to it, but I will make up for it the following day.

“What gigs should I invest in?”

If you have a game-plan with an end-goal in mind, it should be fairly easy to see what type of gigs to order and which to avoid. As in: Only invest in the gig if it helps you get closer to where you want to go with your business.

For myself and the way I like to do business, I need a lot of content. Meaning I order a lot of content creation gigs (be it written content, recorded video content, voice-overs that I later use for videos, etc).

Speaking of written content, I finally tried out iWriter and have been pleasantly surprised at how cheap quality content gets written there. Based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend them. I paid something like $3 for a very high quality 500 word article and just went ahead and ordered a ton more content through them. The turn-around time was very quick (a couple hours I think) which totally rocked my socks off.

You can check them out here!

I have used and also recommended GreenLightArticles many times before, as well as Sue Fleckenstein’s writing services and have always had a pleasant experience with them too – hence me still recommending both of them.

Back to fiverr: As I already noted, there are plenty of excellent writers on fiverr as well, but generally – when they are good, someone like me comes along, offers more $ and keeps them busy outside of fiverr :D.

With that I mean: It helps to keep your options open and try different content providers. Try them out on a small scale and go from there.

As I have noted many times before, I find that the more quality content I have out there (in various formats & places) the more money I make. Which is why it is so important for me to consistently grow my collection of content assets online.

I also buy various SEO related gigs (backlinks, linkwheels, etc) when the need arises, but I am very selective with these – especially when it comes to promoting my own sites. You really want to be careful what you associate your site with these days. More on that in another post though.

For now, head on over to fiverr, check out a category or two that suits your business model, and then browse through the various gigs within the category. If you are anything like me, you will become addicted and buy 2 gigs daily :D.

Happy outsourcing!

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

2 thoughts on “Build an Empire using Fiverr

  1. I have to agree with you on this one Konrad, I too have vowed to outsource more this year and the plan is to get to 8k of revenue a month by the end of the first quarter. I am interviewing tomorrow for the first position although I am using Craigslist Fiverr Gigs are good, as you say when you find the right resource.

    Here’s to your success!

    Any chance you can automate the ping on the Samson plugin so it truly becomes automated?


  2. Eugene, great comment. Thank you!

    In regards to Samson: it already pings every campaign to pingomatic the second it gets created. If you set up pingler with the plugin – it will also submit it there (to pingler) after it has pinged the feed to pingomatic.

    I hope that clarifies it a bit more,


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