Facebook Replacing Domains? Interesting Read

18 Dec

FaceBook vs DomainsA couple days ago my wife was trying to locate the website of a dentist I had been to a time or two before. To her surprise the website did not exist anymore.

In fact, the domain that used to hold the site, was now redirecting to the dentist’s facebook page.

She (the dentist) is not the only one doing that though. A lot of offline businesses these days don’t use websites anymore and instead just use a facebook page as their online business portal.

Why? Because – like it or not – facebook now has more active users then the world had people just 100 years ago. Is that insane or what? It really is!

I bet you that 99% of the worlds population have heard of facebook. As much as I despise the thought of that alone, I can’t help but see the humongous opportunity this creates as well.

If you ever wished you could/would have tapped into the dotcom boom, this is better – and possibly bigger!

But how? Watch the short video on the following thread to get your mind going: https://seodagger.com/FBvsDomains

I seen everyone promote that thread over the weekend and it even hit WSO of the day, but it didn’t get my attention until today when I read the interesting facebook facts I made note of above.

Either way, check it out and if you can see yourself using it now OR in the future, secure yourself a copy of FB Fahrenheit before you pay an arm and a leg for it.

Konrad Braun

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