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17 Dec

When it comes to automated backlink generators, nothing with a remotely matching price-tag compares to the Samson Elite WordPress plugin.

This might come across as bold or even arrogant statement considering that I had the software created, but let’s let the facts speak for themselves, shall we?

So, what is this plugin and what does it do?

It instantly generates backlinks: I created Samson for one reason and one reason only – and that was to generate instant backlinks to any domain name I wanted to without hassle, tedious manual labour, or ridiculously expenses generally involved in backlink building campaigns.

It generates RSS feeds: Backlinks created for the purpose of improving search engine rankings have no value whatsoever if search engines don’t find out about them. Think about it: Your sites could have thousands of backlinks, but if Google never finds any of them, you will not rank any higher with them as then you do without. It’s common SEO sense really 🙂

To make sure that the backlinks Samson generates get crawled by search engine bots, it creates an RSS feed that – on a set timer – updates itself on autopilot to randomly display your freshly generated backlinks. This way, when a search engine bot crawls your feed, your backlinks have a very good chance of getting crawled as well.

More about the backlinks: One of the critical ranking factors for any site are the links pointing to it. Not all links are made equal though.

For example: a backlink on a brand new site will hold very little ranking value for your site. So you want to make sure that you build your backlinks on sites that are aged, have authority, have PR, and also have plenty of powerful backlinks themselves.

The challenge is: where do you find websites that meet those criterias and allow you to put links on them? The Samson WP plugin is the solution!

Not only do most of the sites Samson builds backlinks on meet those requirements, but (using Samson) the process is made very easy as well.

If you were to build profile backlinks to your site, you would spend at least 5 minutes per backlink – building it – and the little value that profile backlinks give, it just isn’t worth the hassle (or your time for that matter). Especially when you can build 200+ backlinks in 5 minutes time using the Samson WP plugin, and best of all: these backlinks actually carry ranking power – and lots of it.

Now, a disclaimer: If you are going after competitive keywords, the Samson WP plugin will greatly help you in building powerful backlinks, but you should not depend on it alone for backlink building. To be successful in SEO, you need to build a variety of backlinks and no one tool will do this for you.

So all in all, you be the judge if the Samson WP plugin is right for you, but if you ask me (and you look at the sheer value you get from using it) it is worth every penny.

To get more information or to grab your copy of Samson, check out my warrior forum special offer thread here!

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

6 thoughts on “Samson WP Plugin: Instant Backlink Generator

  1. This is something that could be very useful for WordPress website. I would definitely be interested in trying it out.

  2. Hello Konrad
    I saw your plugin (Samson) on WF and your RSS Generator script. I must say it could not get any better. I truly love marketers who add value to the online world. I grabbed both products without a second thought. Please carry on the good work you do in the world of SEO.

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