Do High PR Do-Follow Backlinks Still Work?

23 Nov

As much as Google has changed it’s algorithm over the years, it has remained the same.

There have been many fads and ideas that they played around with, but one key element never changed, and that is Google’s love for backlinks!

Backlinks have been a MAJOR ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm for over a decade and contrary to popular belief, they still work incredibly well today.

In fact, despite many new factors getting added to the algorithm (like social signals from various social networks), my prediction is that good old-fashioned backlinking will continue to work for many more years to come. Google spiders depend on links (they were made to crawl links 24/7). So, anyone telling you that “backlinking is dead” does not know what they are talking about.

Having said that, backlinks have become tricky. It is no longer just how many backlinks your site has, but rather: what kind of backlinks it has.

Just 3 years ago I was able to point twenty-thousand profile links at a website and kaboom, it would drastically move up in the search results for whatever keyword I used as hyperlink. I know this because I used to do this all the time back in the xRumer days.

This – technically – still works, but Google very quickly de-indexes a domain name now when they find out that one participated in mass spamming of this nature.

In other words, it just isn’t worth it anymore. Even if it is a throw-away domain, don’t do it. You are wasting your time, energy and resources.

Getting thousands of spammy & worthless – software generated – backlinks is asking for trouble, especially if you are getting them all at once. I have been there and done it and have had plenty of de-indexed domains to prove it (I recently got most of them re-indexed though – more on that in another post).

This is exactly why we want to focus on getting powerful do-follow backlinks. Backlinks from sites so powerful that we do not need many of them to make our websites move up in the Google ranks.

We want backlinks that:

#1.) are do-follow: There are a lot of theories as to whether “no-follow” backlinks have any SEO value. Let me cut through the BS and say it as it is: “no-follow” backlinks are great if placed somewhere where you will potentially get people clicking on it and they end up going to your website as a result. They do NOT pass on any linkjuice however.

So, from an SEO perspective, other than helping make your linking profile look more natural, they have no value whatsoever. This means, if you want to rank your website in the search engines, don’t waste your time building “no-follow” links in places no visitor ever goes to. Instead, focus on building “do-follow” backlinks because they pass on linkjuice (which is what SEO is all about).

#2.) have high PR: There have been talks about Google getting rid of Page Rank (PR) but there is very little evidence to support that theory. PR is still a strong indicator of a sites authority. Meaning, the higher the PR of a site, the more linkjuice and credibility it will pass on (generally speaking).

Naturally, there are dozens of conditions that would make a backlink ideal (in-content links, niche related, etc), but any link that meets these two conditions is worth getting.

Where does one find sites that allow you to build these high PR do-follow backlinks?
One can always go looking for them, but if you are anything like me, you don’t have the time to do that. Which is why I buy them – prepackaged from folks who have already sorted through them beforehand.

Over the years I have collected my own lists (they are included in Authority Rank Highjack) that my virtual assistants use on a daily basis. I have never shared them with anyone besides my friend Joe Finn, who helped me put Authority Rank Highjack together.

Next, Joe Finn has a pretty cool collection of these juicy “backlink packs” that he mails out every month. Details on those can be found here.

Joe has been doing search engine optimization for a number of years now (for himself and his clients) and backlinks from his high PR packs are the signature of his full-time success in the SEO niche. He is a down-to-earth guy who knows what he is talking about when it comes to getting results with SEO.

Last, but certainly not least, is Angela Edwards with her high PR do-follow pack. Details on that one can be found here.

She was one of the first to provide the SEO community with packs of these high PR do-follow backlinks, and as a result, all experienced SEO professionals will be familiar with words like “Angela backlinks” or “Angela Edwards backlinks”. Her rise to fame came as a direct result of her customers’ success with those backlinks.

The question I know you are asking right now is: are these backlinks safe?

That is a very valid question, and the short answer is “yes, they are safe!”

Having said that, using filter sites is not a bad idea either. I talk more about that in Ranking Authority Hijack if you would like more information about it.

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

4 thoughts on “Do High PR Do-Follow Backlinks Still Work?

  1. Personally, I’ve given on SEO. I see search engine traffic as bonus traffic now… Guess that’s what Google wanted all along eh.

    Good luck in the Google Wars anyway.

    James Scholes

  2. Quick question Konrad, I am using your Sampson Elite plugin on some of my sites and was wondering if the backlinks that the plugin produces are of any use any more.
    I would appreciate your honest and professional feedback.

    • Chris, yes. it still works and as such I believe it is still useful. I have been meaning to do a more in-depth split test with it though to get some numbers to throw around, but I honestly just have not gotten to that yet 🙁

  3. Nobody said it would be easy! Making money should be challenging, its all about competition. If it was easy everyone would be able to do it and then you couldn’t charge as much for your services.

    The more the challenge the more you can charge people for solutions.

    Bring it on.


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