Easy Book Designing Tips and Tricks

19 Dec

One of the main things you want to remember when it comes to designing your ebook cover is that the internet has made it possible to share things in new ways. Today people can share, like, pin and +1 things to their social sites and web pages. What this means for you is that you need to create great looking covers, so people will happily share yours.

Keeping this in mind let’s take a look at some book designing tips that will help you get that edge with your covers.

One of the first things you want to do, before even thinking about your design, is to consider what type of message you want to send with your book. Who is your target market? Are they readers that enjoy romance and passion, murder plots, or are they looking for how to type books?

You want to evoke motivation and emotion in your potential reader and this can be done with the graphics you use on your book cover. This includes the type of photo you use, your choice of colors, fonts size and style and even the layout of your title and the placement of your author name.

To design an ecover and have it look as though it was done by an experienced person use the following tips and tricks.

  1. Use an image and colors that inspire excitement and intrigue. Ask yourself if you cover makes you want to open the book and flip through it?
  2. Create a design that says what type of genre the book is about. If it is about babies have a baby on the front, if it is a love story use an image that conveys this to the reader.
  3. Sometimes less is better and book covers with fewer graphics on are known as minimalist covers.  Due to the lack of an image the reader is drawn to the book cover as it stands out from the rest, not by being overly graphic but because it uses fewer graphics. This is a concept that you may want to try yourself.

You can search for minimalist book covers in the Kindle or iBookstore to see some examples. Don’t forget to check out the boards on Pinterest or stop by Flickr and check out their Book Cover Archive.

Remember that people are very visual so it is worth taking time with your ecover design. Take the time to play with the design and creation tips that we provided you with today. You can add these into your Photoshop or Gimp design and they can be incorporated into any of the ecover software programs that are available as well.

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