Should You Use Free Options for Creating Ecovers

10 Dec

Actually this post will apply to many other types of free software that you may want to consider for your business. Just because you are just starting out with a new business is free always the best option?

Most people would consider it a no-brainer option to go with the free option regardless of whether they had the budget for the software or not. If the free software has all the specifications that you need why spend money on the paid version?

As with anything in life there will be both benefits and drawbacks no matter which path you choose. Remember with free or paid software they are both going to cost you in time and effort to learn the system.

When deciding which ecover software to go with you want to look at the benefits. For example with the software creator that I use the benefits for the paid version include:

  • Over 90 templates to choose from
  • Renders both 2D and 3D versions
  • Files are saved on line – hassle free from losing
  • Files are easy to edit
  • Company hosts all files on their servers so no security issues on my end
  • If their software runs into issues they have to pay to fix them
  • Customer assistance is available

If I chose to go with the free version of this then my benefits are:

  • It’s free
  • It does what I need it to do – create ecovers, though limited numbers
  • No ongoing commitment

By looking at both lists of benefits then it really would make sense to go with the first option, which is a monthly payment option. This option gives me a hassle free option that is secure and safe. My ecovers are safely stored on their servers, so I don’t have to worry about losing my files if my hard drive suddenly crashes. The software is consistently updated and I don’t have to pay for upgrades at any time. It is up to the company to maintain their servers, keep their customer information and their files safe.

It is important to make an educated decision when choosing the correct software or creation method for your ecovers. Personally I want to use a system that is secure, easy to use and affordable. Which is why I personally went with

When I look at this from the viewpoint of the software company they are providing a service to their clients. It is their reputation that is at stake if the software fails, or if clients lose their files and designs. So they are going to take every effort to put security and reliability into the business plans. Can you imagine them trying to run a busy site with free software?

On the same note there is nothing wrong with using a free trial period to evaluate the software and determine if it meets all of your needs and requirements.

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