How to Create Hot eBook Covers!

17 Mar

eCover Creation TipsAn eCover is an important part of your brand new book. A good and enticing cover is going to help you get more sales with your book.

There are many ways to get eCovers made including learning how to use an expensive software program like Photoshop, hiring a designer which can be expensive or using online software to create stunning eCovers.

Before we delve into the creation process let’s look at some pointers you should take into consideration.

eCover Creation Tips

  1. Research published books on your subject to see what type of eCover they have used. Make notes of which covers appeal to you and the reasons why? Was it the title, the colors used or the image?
  2. eCover size – this will vary depending upon where you plan to publish. Currently the Kindle eCover size is 800px high and 600px wide. It is important to ensure that your cover looks great as a smaller size.
  3. Use graphics which are relevant to your book.
  4. Don’t overuse color.
  5. Simple designs seem to work the best.
  6. Remember your eBook will be read on an electronic device so check that your cover looks great on devices with smaller screens such as the iPad.

Visit the Kindle store on Amazon for a huge variety of book covers that you can look through. Other sites include Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and Kobo. Take your time on researching successful books and see what they have in common.

Once you have completed this important step you can begin deciding on how you want to create your own eCover. Basically you have two main choices:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Outsource the design

Do it Yourself eCover Creation

You have a number of ways to approach creating your eCover. First you can take the time to learn software like Photoshop or a free version which is similar called Gimp. Either of these options will take time and can be frustrating.

Buy pre-designed eCovers – this option may be more affordable but you could end up with a book cover that is similar to many others on the market. This will definitely not help increase your sales.

Use an online software to create your eCovers. This is actually my recommended method and is so easy even a non-techy design guy can manage it.

Outsourcing Your eCover Creation

  1. Check the designers past work.
  2. Ask for reviews and feedback from past customers.
  3. Understand their terms and conditions including how many revisions they offer
  4. If they supply the images make sure they are not copyrighted in any way, otherwise supply your own.
  5. Check payment requirements and try to arrange to pay 50% when ordering and the remaining balance once your eCover is ready.

The price of outsourcing your eCover design can range from spending a few bucks at a site that offers book covers for $5 a pop up to the hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a professional designer.

While you do want a great looking eCover most people have a budget limit. This is totally understandable which is why I always direct people to my review when asked who or what I use. Regardless of which method you end up with take the eCover creation tips I posted above into consideration. This way you will end up with a great looking eCover that will help attract potential buyers for your book.

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