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17 Mar

writing tipsDo you have a book inside you just waiting to come out? You might be surprised to know that many people actually feel this way. The number one problem for would be authors is in creating that book. While you may feel that you have the inspiration or knowledge to fill a book or two, you may not feel as though you are qualified enough to actually write the book.

There are several ways that you can do the actual writing of your eBook if you do not want to write it yourself. One excellent resource is to hire a ghostwriter to do it for you. I have used the services of ghostwriters before and often use UpWork to write not just eBooks but blog posts and articles for me as well.

Let’s look at some excellent writing tips you want to take into consideration:

Planning – this includes taking notes on your subject or topic

Organizing – take your notes and try to put them into a logical order

Writing – getting your thoughts on paper

Writing multiple drafts – as you go through your manuscript you may add new content or ideas to improve it. Don’t rush this step as it is important to get it right.

Editing – this includes the proof reading of the manuscript and checking spelling and grammar errors. In this step you want to ensure that your content reads correctly and flows from beginning to end.

Cover – this is such an important step and creating a great looking cover is absolutely essential to the success of your book. Here is a simple tool I recommend for that!

Getting Started with your eBook

The planning, organizing and writing your book are the most important steps. The planning process includes getting all of your ideas onto paper in note form. At this point in the process don’t worry about whether or not things make sense or are in order. All of this will come later on in the writing process.eBook writing tips

Once you have all your notes and research together now comes the time to start the writing process. This is where most authors become overwhelmed the best way to approaching the amount of content you need is by breaking it down into chunks.

Two of the best ways to achieve this are by setting small goals either by writing a certain number of pages per day or by allotting a certain amount of time to writing. If time is limited you may find that scheduling one hour of writing per day is sufficient. If you decide to use the pages per day method, don’t go crazy and set yourself a large goal such as ten or more pages. Some days you will find that your words flow more easily than others and if you don’t hit your target you may get disappointed. Instead set a goal of two or three pages per day as your minimum. If you go over then great but always hit that goal.

Once you get into the habit of writing regularly you will find it easy to sit down at your computer and start writing your book.

Another writing tip is to outline your book and use this as an approximate guideline. Remember your writing can change along with your ideas. Quite often I find that as I write my end result ends up being different to what I had first thought of!

Some others like to have a set time to write as well as a specific place. This depends on your personality and you may find that having a quiet place to write is preferable to sitting at your local coffee shop. Choose whatever method suits you the best.

One of the biggest hurdles authors make is procrastination. So stop waiting and just start writing your book today!

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