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28 Mar

In the last couple of years self publishing has hit a new level. Writers are publishing their own books and reports on sites like Kindle, CreateSpace, iBook Store and the Nook at an alarming rate. It really is so easy to become a published author these days.

While this is great it also means that people need to get ecovers created for these books. The majority of self published authors are publishing digital books for one of the many e-readers.

Hiring a book designer can be a costly thing. Especially if you are planning on releasing lots of books over the next few months. This new surge has led to the creation of ecover maker sites. These are sites where you login to and use a template to create your own ecover. There is nothing wrong with using this method at all and the sites offer different templates, backgrounds and graphics. Plus you have the option of using your own photographs.

One thing to remember if you use this type of site is that you may have to resize your ecover to publish to certain sites. For example the cover requirements for your ecover are different on Kindle, iBookstore and Kobo. Each one has their own set of rules.

Due to this publishers were getting a little confused over what size ecover to use where. If you publish on Kindle, for example, you will now notice that you can create your own ecover from within your account. This will not cost you anything and could be a good solution for you.

CreateSpace also offers templates that you can use to create your book covers as well. No doubt some of the other publishing places will follow suit and offer something as well.

The trend for ecovers is definitely catering to those writers who want to create their own ecovers. You have several options now for this, so you don’t have to worry about any extra expenses.

Using an online ecover maker site gives you access to your files at any time. This way it is easy to make changes to your design. Plus you have the ability to download both 3D and 2D versions. The 2D version is perfect for resizing for your Kindle book, if you are publishing on this platform.

As this ecover trend is only likely to increase you should see more make your own ecover sites pop up. Some will have free templates, but these are normally limited. While others will have a monthly or yearly fee attached to them.

If you are going to be creating lots of ecovers signing up with an online ecover maker site is going to be a great investment for your business.

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