Are eCovers The Most Important eBook Component?

12 Mar

It could be argued that the most important factor to a book is the content inside and it is partially true, but the fact of the matter is: few care what is inside of a book if the cover doesn’t entice them to look inside.

In other words: Unless a book is by a famous author who’s name speaks for itself, chances of someone picking up the book and say “I want to read this one” are very slim.

Having said that, I still believe the content inside of the book is important. What’s worse  than having a fantastic cover and then disappoint those actually reading it?

Yes, the cover is critical to get someone’s attention. Which is why the title needs to be thought provoking, catchy, or “cool” as well. People need to be drawn to pick up the book.

You can have all the great wisdom of the ages in the book and no one will know or care unless you get them to pick it up and actually read it.

This exact same logic applies with eBooks and eBook covers (also known as eCovers).

The internet is full of eBooks. I think it would be safe to say that there are more eBooks being sold and given away online than there are people online. Everyone seems to have a story and tidbits of wisdom that they share in PDF format online.

That is a fine and honestly nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is awesome. Knowledge makes the world a better place and I believe it is our moral duty and obligation to share our knowledge with the world we live in. It is the information age after-all.

Here is the thing though: How can you make your eBook stand out from the millions of other ones out there? Chances are there is already a few thousand eBooks on your exact topic, so how do you get people to pick yours over the many other options they are presented with?

The answer is simple: By having a better looking eCover.

Books are judged by their cover. This also applies to eBooks. There is nothing we can do about it other then take advantage of this and make it work in our favor. We can’t change the way people think, but we can control what their first impression of our book or eBook is.

If you would like a more indepth look at one of the best ebook cover maker tools online, check out my review post here!

Here is to better looking book covers and eBook eCovers,


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