Why Book and eBook Covers Matter

18 Mar

If you are a writer or an eBook creator, chances are good that you have overlooked the covers or eCovers being used for your products. It is very common among writers to think that “great content sells itself” and no matter how true that is, most people don’t notice great content until something draws their attention to it.

This something is the book cover itself. If it is an eBook – or any other digital product for that matter – it would be the eCover.

Having great covers created can be hard – especially if you don’t have that artistic eye. Which means that you should probably outsource the cover and eCover creation part of your products.

This comes at a price, I know, but a good cover is worth it’s weight in gold.

I have seen digital product sell really well because the product itself was great – but I am 100% convinced that if the eCover matched the quality of the product itself, sales for the product would have doubled.

In other words: A small one-time investment up front and a lot more money is made in the back-end for the long haul.

If you do have a bit of an artistic eye for things, you could always consider creating your own book covers using Photoshop. It could take a bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end.

The same applies to eBook covers. By all means create them yourself. With some of the advanced free ecover makers we have available today, this is not at all complicated. Best of all though, it can be done for free.

Even if you are not great at creating ecovers, do it anyways. A half decent one is a lot better than none at all.

Think of eBook and book covers as clothes you and wear. It says a lot about who we are to the people around us. It might bot mean a whole lot to us, but it does to the people we encounter on a daily basis. Especially strangers.

Someone dressed in a nice fancy suit reeks of success, while someone with messy unkempt hair and torn up shoes generally represents homelessness. I am not judging here – but am simply stating what the average person perceives by what we wear or how we dress.

The exact same principle applies book and eBook covers. Try to have a half decent one – even if it means paying someone to make it for you. Not only will it help you make more money from the product, but it will give you a lot more credibility as the author, publisher, or product creator.

Covers matter and they always will. Don’t be left in the dust!

To read more about a tool I use personally, check out my ebook cover creator review post here!

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