Good Times

3 Jan

The economy sucks.  And it really doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon. So what does that mean for internet marketing?

Good Times.

Okay, so that’s just my opinion.  One thing I learned all those years ago when I was getting the economics degree that I never used, is that opinions on the economy are just that – opinions.

My opinion is that things are going to be slow for a while, perhaps a long while.  And that’s good news for you.

Things are tough.  How can that be good?  What does that mean?  Two things.  People are going to be looking to save money, and people are going to be looking for new careers or part time jobs to augment their income.

More and more as they look to save money, people will turn to the internet.  As the idea of shopping online becomes more familiar to people, they will see that the true value of buying online is not just in the dollars they save on what they buy.  They will come to realize that the real savings is in the time, effort and hard costs involved in driving to a brick and mortar establishment to do their shopping.  This presents many opportunities for affiliate review sites and for ecommerce businesses.

Online marketing will present a major attraction for people who are looking to expand their opportunities.  The concept of earning a living on the internet is becoming more well known and the barriers of entry are low.

This means there will be a steady supply of new customers looking for advice and training.  If you  have knowledge you can give them (and if you have reached this site, I am betting you do).  No matter what your area of specialization, or your level of accomplishment, you can write an article, record a video, set up a membership site, or start a blog and help them find their way.

There is an oft repeated phrase in internet marketing – “you know more than the next guy”.  And that’s true.   Not only is it true, but it’s an advantage.  You may not know as much as the guru down the lane, but you do know something.  The trick is not necessarily in knowing something.  It’s being able to explain it.

Just today I was installing a script on one of my accounts.  This is a url shortener, and the product looks pretty trick.  However, it’s obvious the script was created by a programmer, and on further checking, a programmer who had been using it personally for years.  The install instructions were a bit difficult, requiring some trial and error on my part, but the setup instructions are non-existent.  It looks to me like the developer had spent so much time with the program that he didn’t even realize how difficult it is to understand.

That’s the point.  The closer you are to learning something, the easier it is to remember how tough learning it can be.  That is your strength.  That’s your USP.  Decide now to share your knowledge with these customers and do it ethically, and you will build a business that will continue to profit you for years.

It seems a little sad to say, but as long as things are bad, things will continue to be good.

Danny McConnell

I am an internet marketer/writer fighting bland content one word at a time. I write regularly here and on my site:

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