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28 Dec

Since I’m new to writing for Konrad, a lot of you don’t know me except as “The Self-Help Gal,” Konrad’s new writer.

If you knew me just a little better, had been on my list or read my personal development blog, you’d know I have bipolar disorder (which used to be called manic-depressive illness).

I’m pretty open about my illness; I’ve never seen a point in keeping it a secret. I also find that any relationship, business or personal, goes a little more smoothly if people understand that sometimes I’m a little off.

Which is why I brought this up, actually. Not to talk about my illness but to share something a friend said to me yesterday that could help anyone.

I’ve had a few difficult months. There’s no need to go into why, but they’ve been some of the worst of my life, and I still feel like I’m trying to get back to being completely me.

I was talking to my best friend about this yesterday and she said, “Maybe you should make a list of what you were doing when you were at your best, and see if you can find a connection to help you get back to that place.”

I did make the list and I’m already feeling better.

But here’s why I brought this up. Whether you feel stuck in your personal life or in your business life, you can try this technique. List all the things you were doing when you were “at your best,” and bring those things into your life now.

I know this sounds too simple and easy to be true, but it’s the best piece of advice I’ve received in a very long time. While everyone was trying to figure out what was “wrong,” this one idea simply transplants what used to be right, into the now.

Try this out and let me know how it works for you. I’ll do the same.

Angie Dixon

As a marketer and "the personal development gal," I believe that marketing success and personal development are inextricably linked.

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