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27 Dec

The concepts of Voice and Feel are two that I come back to often when thinking about the hows and whys of providing information and of consuming it.  One aspect of the importance of voice as a writer is illustrated in thinking about the idea of feel as it relates to learning.

Feel is not something you often see talked about when people are discussing the ins and outs of various Internet Marketing information products – books, reports and courses designed to teach others how to make money marketing online.  It is a concept you should keep in mind.

The first step in the journey toward success online is finding a field of marketing that resonates with you. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, adsense, article marketing or some other area, there is bound to be one that seems to make more sense to you.  It’s true that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, but you have to start somewhere.

Once you decide on an area of marketing that you want to pursue (and this is no easy task), you will need to light on a program to follow.  If you are like me, this means that you will begin to accumulate information and products in the area as you try to find your way.  While this can be time consuming and a bit spendy, it has one huge advantage.  You often hear that when you eventually become successful at earning an income online it will be by taking a program and making it your own.  Consuming a bunch of information about a subject is how you eventually do that.

Somewhere along the way, as you zero in on the correct system for you, you will find that one program or guide that makes sense. The one that feels right to you.

For me the area of Internet Marketing that makes sense right now is in the building of sniper sites.  These are small sites with just a few posts, that are optimized and backlinked for easy keywords.  In the past these sites have been successful with as few as two posts, but this appears to not be the best strategy these days.  Konrad did an experiment on this very subject and reported on it in this post.

I have four different courses that are examples of this type of marketing.  They all teach substantially the same thing, varying only in the details, but there is something about the fourth and last one I bought that works for me.  For some reason it feels right.  I “get “it.

I have built a site or two this way, enough to verify that the technique will rank a site.  It also lets me know I need to learn a bit about montezing a site, but that’s a different conversation.  When I get back to doing some affiliate marketing, that is the program I will largely follow.

All four of these courses are good ones.  They teach people how they can make money.  Their authors seem to be successful with the techniques themselves, and so have some of their students.  But three of them just didn’t feel right.  And that matters.

Danny McConnell

I am an internet marketer/writer fighting bland content one word at a time. I write regularly here and on my site: DannyMcConnell.com

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