List Building Tactics Continued

23 Dec

List Building TacticsIn my last article we discussed the basics of setting up your list and creating a squeeze page to use to build your list. You can read that discussion here: Getting Started with List Building.

Today we will venture further and talk about creating your follow up emails for your autoresponder series.

Writing Follow Up Emails:

There are a number of points to consider when creating your follow up messages. When you start to send emails to your list members you want to start out by creating a relationship with your reader first. If you suddenly start blasting them with nothing but offers to buy something they will unsubscribe fast!

You need to write a compelling headline to get the reader to open your email. Just because they subscribed to your list doesn’t guarantee that they will open and read your email.

To increase your chances your headline needs to make them want to know more. Asking a question of leaving a statement hanging with eclipses is a good idea. The reader automatically wants to know more and quickly opens your email to read the details.

Research has shown that on average it takes 7 emails before someone will purchase from you. During this time your emails must build trust in the reader.

When you do start recommending products to your list they should be products that you have actually used yourself. This allows you to easily answer any questions as well.

When adding your affiliate or product links in the body of the email you should place the link in your email three times. Once near the beginning, then in the middle and the last time just above your closing.

Including a P.S. is another strong method and this can include some final thoughts on why you are recommending this product.

Email Pointers:

Make the first couple of emails relevant to the product that you gave your subscriber when they first signed up to your list.

Provide them with the download link again and ask them if they had the chance to read it yet, or if they have any questions.

Send your reader a link to another article or report that covers the same topic but maybe in more depth. Provide your reader with something of value.

Some of the best email headlines are:

  • Short subject lines – Weight Loss Tips to Ignore
  • Asking a Question – Did you know…..
  • Mistake headline – Don’t Do These 5 Things When
  • How to subject lines – How to Lose Weight While Drinking Beer
  • Number of things you should know – Top 10 Reasons Why…..

ALWAYS, always make sure that you don’t mislead your reader with your headline. That is the worst mistake you can make and one way to have your unsubscribe rate go through the roof. Make your headline relevant to what your email is about.

My next article will focus on different ways to get exposure for your site to build your lists. I will also talk about finding people to partner up with as a method of list building.


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