How to Find & Outsource to the Right People

21 May

Due to the many questions I regularly get about “outsourcing”, I thought I would shoot a quick video and share some of my experiences and insights on the topic.

Here it is:

The ability to outsource tasks to people all over the world is just one of the many advantages we as internet marketers have over traditional business owners. Finding the right people to outsource to can become a nightmare though.

The video above is meant to give you a bit of guidance in that area.

Here are the links I reference in the video:

Some sites I have used (that I did not mention) are:

If you are looking for a good writer, I would also recommend you check out: I have been using her services for a while now and am very happy with the work she does for me.

While reading a blog post by Tiffany Dow the other day, I noticed that the majority of the people commenting on her posts were freelance writers. I smiled at the thought of having all those writers to tap into – but haven’t had the need for it yet.

Her blog is:

Those are about all the sources you will ever need to outsource online tasks or find virtual assistants. With those alone you have access to thousands of unique talents – now it’s just a matter of getting out there and finding “the one”.

Best of luck!

Konrad Braun

I'm an entrepreneur at heart & have been a full-time internet marketer since 2009. I specialize in SEO & affiliate marketing. I married the most amazing woman I ever met & travel the world with her. I love my life!

4 thoughts on “How to Find & Outsource to the Right People

  1. Great post Konrad, very helpful. I have done a bit of outsourcing, and expect to do more in the future. Now I have your sources to try out.

  2. Thanks for the mention Konrad, totally enjoy working with you and agree that all aspects of working online involve relationship building.

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