Are Kindle Books the Only Ones that Count?

27 May

Publishing on Amazon is commonly accepted as one of the best places for anyone new to self publishing. While Kindle books are very popular there are other platforms where you can publish your eBooks to that can bring you in a good income.

So why are Kindle books so popular? Well mainly because Amazon is such a highly visited website. Millions of people visit the site each and every day looking for books, household products, gifts, clothing and more. Just about every imaginable item is available on Amazon. So it just makes sense for publishers to have their books available here as well. Why not tap in to some of this valuable traffic?

Publishing on Kindle is easy and now they have just introduced their own cover creator to make this aspect of getting your eBook on line quicker. Before using this creator take a few minutes to read this informative post on why eBook covers are so important.

Kindle has a program called KDP Select which allows you to add free promotion days to your eBook. The advantage to this is that it can give you valuable exposure to your book. The downside is that by joining this program you adhere to their terms of service, which states that you may not sell your books anywhere else.

While this is good why stop at only listing your books on Amazon when there are other places? For example the ibookstore, Nook and Barnes and Noble and these can be a huge income stream. The ibookstore is increasing in popularity and is one that we highly suggest taking advantage of.

If you are unsure of how to publish to this platform an easy way to get onto the Nook and into the ibookstore is by using the publishing site Lulu. As well as being listed on their main site they get you listed on these two sites. It takes about two weeks for your books to go live and once there you can expect to see a steady stream of income.

Their publication rules can be a little harder to understand and the formatting is indeed different to that of publishing on Kindle. But once you have the hang of it you will be glad you took the time to learn it. Basically it consists of know when and where to use the Heading Styles in word or openoffice and being sure about your capitalization of your title and subtitle. Lulu also has their own eBook cover creator if necessary, but it is really easy to resize your Kindle cover and upload it.

If you are self published or are thinking about publishing your first book make sure you look at all the publishing options available to you. Amazon is wonderful and you can still put your book on KDP Select for the first 90 days and make use of their free promotion days. After that you may want to look at getting your book across a multitude of publishing platforms. This way you can possibly increase your revenue stream from multiple sources.

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