Additional Publishing Tips for Authors

4 Jun

Have you considered other places to publish your book? While most new authors tend to publish on Amazon and use their Kindle platform there are many other choices as well. EBooks are definitely popular but printed books and audio versions are good alternative choices.

Some types of books lend themselves to being more attractive in a printed format. This includes some children’s books, photo type books and cookbooks. These would be classified as visual books and are often easier to follow. Don’t you agree that cookbooks are best when you can easily refer back to the recipe and it is always nice to have a color photo of the dish that you are making?

Once you have your book published in print form you can then try and get your book listed in book stores and even libraries. Libraries are still used and require lots of new books on their shelves. There is certain criterion that your book has to meet to be accepted into your local library. Normally they must be at least 100 pages long and have a good cover with a sturdy binding.  It is often as easy as writing to the library and asking them if they would like to stock your book, of course sending a long a copy is helpful.

Bookstores are great choices for your book as well and remember that there are still plenty of small bookstores that are looking for great content. You can approach your local bookstores in person and provide them with a copy of your book. There are several ways to approach a bookstore as well. First they could buy several copies of your book at a discount from you, they then sell at an increased price and keep the total amount. Or they could take orders that you would then fill. It all depends on how many books you want to get printed at your cost.

Physical books require a great cover and it is important to get one made with a high resolution. Your book cover is the first thing which a potential buyer will see and will determine if they even pick up your book and look inside or not. This is why we can’t stress enough just how important your cover is and why it matters to take your time with this portion of your publishing. Whether you are publishing eBooks or printed books your cover makes a huge difference, so please don’t overlook this factor.


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