Simple Ways to Create Ebook Covers

12 Jun

Ebook covers are important and can increase or decrease your sales. Many people tend to over look this fact because having a professional ecover created can be very expensive.

There are many free resources for creating your covers and if you are artistic you could create your own in Photoshop. The downside is that this software is expensive and only worth the investment if you are going to use it a lot.

Then you have several online sites that allow you to create ecovers from templates. These can be a really great option and are more affordable. You may need to sign up though for a monthly or yearly membership, but there are some sites that offer a pay as you go service. Again this is a good choice for anyone who only wants an ecover now and again.

No matter which way you go you will still need to have your own image as the basis of your design. It is important to understand why a good Ecover is so valuable.

If you don’t have your own image you can look for images and photographs online. There are a ton of websites which have pictures you can use. Just be sure that the rights allow you to use the photo as an ecover.

One neat idea is to look for a photo that has lots of space around the image. You can easily just add your own title and author information by using a simple editing program such as

Professional looking ecovers are so important and we can’t stress that enough. If you don’t feel confident to create your own then you should look into getting someone to design your ecover for you.

Spending a little money upfront can easily bring you a huge return on your investment once your book is published. Plus if you are serious about becoming an author any expenses will be tax deductible as well.

Remember you do have options when it comes to creating an ecover and they include:

  • Professionally designed covers
  • Using an online site
  • Using a plain image and adding your information
  • Splurging on Photoshop and learning how to design ecovers or using a free tool such as Gimp

To become a successful author along with your ecover you need to believe in yourself and go for it. No one but you can achieve your dreams.


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