How & Where to Buy Ready Made Niche Blogs

4 Mar

How to Buy Ready Made Niche BlogsIf you are a niche marketer like me, you will love what I am about to share with you. Not only will I show you where you can buy ready made niche blogs (this includes content, awesome plugins, etc) but I will show you how you can get them for less than $2 a piece.

You read that right!

I am a sucker when it comes to good deals. Especially if it helps me save a fortune in the long run and eliminates hours and hours of hard work on my end – which is exactly what Scott’s niche blogs have been for me.

Originally I was interested in Scott’s “niche blog” packages because of the awesome WP designs (the wordpress themes) but then I realized that a whole lot more than just themes come with each package.

They each come with 10 pieces of PLR articles, 2 fully optimized SEO plugins, AND to top it off, the design is fully monetized for Clickbank, Adsense, and Amazon (among other cool options). Reality is, all you have to do is install them and KABOOM… you got a fully functioning set of niche blogs. How cool is that?

Super cool if you ask me!

Anyways, I could brag about them all day long, but why don’t you check them out yourself? If you find one that you like, great: get it. If they are all not up your ally, that is cool too. Just realize that opportunities to grab completely done-for-you niche blogs (like these) don’t come around every day. This is a super rare treat for sure!

Check out the different sets here:

So in my honest opinion, should you get these? If you are a niche marketer and you are in some of the listed niches (or plan to get in to them), then YES. Absolutely!

If you are not a niche marketer and you have absolutely no use for done-for-you blogs like these, then NO. Don’t get them!

Aside from that, let me say this: there are people paying $100 – $900 every single day to get just one of these niche blogs created for them. So, looking at that, I think I’d be conservative if I said that each of these packages are easily worth a 100 times their current listing price.

After getting them, I know you will agree!

Konrad Braun

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