Understanding Conversion Rates

7 Mar

This past week I was really trying to determine where my traffic was coming from on my PLR site and what the percentage of people were actually signing up for my free offer. This is technically known as your conversion rate. The simplest way I discovered of determining this was to find out the number of new subscribers to your list and divide this by the total traffic for the last month. Then take this total and multiply it by 100 and you get your conversion rate as a percentage.

Number of subscribers 20/Unique visitors 1,096  x 100 = %

No matter what your answer is your goal is to increase this number for the next month and each month following that.

To find out the total traffic to your site you can simply log into your Cpanel and use Awstats. Change the month to the previous month and your stats will display. For the total number of new subscribers go into your autoresponder account and click on reports. Then find monthly new subscribers for the appropriate month. I use Aweber so if you use a different company this step may be a little different.

With this information you can work on increasing your subscribers in various ways. I will try and write a few articles this month about using content and how to use PLR on your website and publish them on different article directory sites. I will link this article to a squeeze page with a free report.

Other ideas to increase your subscribers would be to create some videos and upload them. Short reports can be turned into PDF files and uploaded to document sharing sites.  Don’t forget about posting blog comments and even guest posting for other people. You can leave a link to your squeeze page and gain new subscribers as well.

I would love to know if you know what your conversion rate is and what action steps you take to increase your percentage rates each month. Let me know in the comment area below!


Sue Fleckenstein

I am a freelance writer and content creator living in the Toronto area. I am working on growing my PLR Store to create a residual income stream. Not sure what PLR is? Then you can download my Free PLR Guide and learn how to use your PLR content to its best advantage.

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