June 2016 Income Report

7 Jul

June-2016-Income-ReportEven though I didn’t work on my online business a minute longer than I had to in June, it was my most profitable month online in the last eleven months.

What’s interesting is, it wasn’t just one income source that made such a big difference. It was a combination of a few unrelated income streams that all spiked a bit – resulting in a fairly profitable overall month for me. It was very satisfying to say the least.

To celebrate, I decided to upgrade a few of my work tools.

  1. I went and got myself a new phone (Samsung S5 Neo) to replace my old cellphone (iPhone 5s). Although a big iPhone fan, I grew tired of how often my iPhones kept breaking on me (it happened a lot since having a toddler in the house). I also hated how much it would cost to repair every time it broke – especially while traveling overseas.
    Androids – especially Samsungs – are more common phones around the world from what I’ve seen and are – as a result – more affordable to get repaired. This should make it a bit more practical for a location independent nomad like myself. So far I’ve been very happy with the switch.
  2. On top of that I went and finally got myself a new laptop. I had been eyeing it for a few months (Asus UX303UB Zenbook) and finally decided to pull the trigger and have it replace my old travel netbook (Asus Eee PC 1215B). I didn’t really NEED the upgrade but figured now would be a good time to do it.

If you read my last income report, I mentioned that we are visiting family in Kelowna, BC. We’re still here. We had planned on being in Canada for 3 days, but looks like we will be here for 7 weeks total instead.

It’s awesome to have this kind of freedom and flexibility. Being here and being able to take time away from my online ventures – to spend quality time with family and to help them with everyday tasks, home renovations, etc – made me realize just how blessed I am to not have to report to a boss anymore.

It’s not to say I didn’t do any work. I did. I had a client contract to finish up, write an income report, and a few other small things that were time sensitive, but overall I did not work more than a couple hours per day (MAX) in June.

I’m hoping it did not reflect on this blog too badly. Let’s find out how we did 🙂

SEODagger.com Income for June 2016

IMPORTANT: I never include earnings from ventures unrelated to this blog. I own and am a partner in a bunch of online business ventures, but – for the sake of a fair case study – only earnings directly related to SEODagger.com will be noted.

The breakdown: 

  • Samson Elite$74
    • Despite not actively promoting this product on here anymore, I still get the odd sale as a result of mentioning it in these income reports. It’s like I pushed a snowball downhill a long time ago and it continues to roll down despite me not pushing it anymore. It’s pretty neat!
  • MyeCoverMaker$91.88
    • Another decent month in earnings with these guys as a result of a review I wrote years ago. Their affiliate program is pretty messed up right now though and keeps counting the same sale over and over again. I know this because I keep getting “you made a sale” emails over and over again for the same sale. The payout has always been on point though except for this last month… a $49.50 commission seems to have disappeared from the list of sales. So instead of $141.38, they paid me only $91.88. Not pointing any fingers, but will be looking for another (similar) program to promote instead if I get any more issues.
  • RankCrew: $10.00
    • Another program I haven’t promoted on this blog in a while and yet managed to earn $10 with while also gaining $70± worth of free advertising credits in June. I don’t really use RankCrew anymore (except when I have free credits to use up) but it’s still nice to receive some kickbacks for work done months ago.

Total confirmed income: $175.88 USD 

Total confirmed RankCrew credits: $70.00±


SEODagger.com Expenses for June 2016

I really ought to invest more in this blog to help it grow faster, hehe. Instead of pocketing the money each month, I should be reinvesting it. It’s something I need to do a better job with.

  • PBN Links: $50.00
    • In an effort to grow the MyeCoverMaker sales (as seen above), I purchased a handful of Private Blog Network posts on Source Market (from Gary). It’s still too early to tell how the links did (it usually takes about 14+ days to see the full effect of such links) but have been very happy with the service he provides. In fact, I spent a few hundred dollars with him in June alone across a handful of different niche sites.
  • HostGator: $5.97
    • PLEASE NOTE: I have a dedicated server with HostGator that I have a bunch of my sites on. SEODagger.com is also hosted on that server, so I don’t actually pay HostGator $5.97 per month to keep this site running, but am simply noting that I would roughly pay that much per month if I were to host JUST this blog with them using their basic WordPress Hosting plan.

Total expense for SEODagger.com in June: $55.97 

Take Home

Although June was the highest income month this year for SEODagger.com (when not counting RankCrew credits), it came in second place after expenses.

This left exactly $119.91 in spendable cash in my wallet.

As I have been saying for almost a year now: Not bad. Not bad at all considering how little work I put into it these days.


June was actually a good month for me. Despite not working a whole lot more than I had to, I managed to wrap up a couple projects I had been working on for months. It felt good.

We got another 2 weeks left in Canada before heading to Mexico for 6 months. Meaning for the next couple weeks I will be focused on spending time with friends and family before getting busy finding a place to call home for the next chapter of our life. I’m somehow excited about it.

I was born in South America (in Paraguay) and grew up there as well (in Bolivia), so I’ve been longing to make my way down that way again. Although still a stretch away, Mexico is the first step in that direction.

Once settled down in Mexico (likely at the end of July), I will get back to working on my projects again. One of them being this blog – SEODagger.com. I got a bunch of good stuff planned for it to launch it to the next level so – if you aren’t already – subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media to stay in the loop.

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