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22 Nov

Today’s post will cover the topic of adding your ecover to your book. In the last couple of posts I talked about researching your content and then getting down and writing your book.

Before you can even think about creating and adding your ecover to your ebook you need to think about the design of your ecover first. Things that you want to take into account include your title, what kind of photo or image you want to have and what colors you should use.

There are several ways you can do this. First you can use any of those images you saved when you were researching your book. Use them for inspiration and ideas do not copy them otherwise you could get yourself into trouble with copyright infringements.

Another useful tip I wanted to share with you is to go to sites like Amazon, CreateSpace and Barnes and Noble and take a look at the book covers there. Make a note of any ecovers which catch your attention and why. This could be that the image appeals to you or that you just like the color or the font style the author used.

It really helps to look at books similar to yours so you can see if all authors are using something in common. This is very true of those books in your category that are listed as best sellers. Your goal is to see if you can find out why there book is selling well. Of course content counts but look at the covers and see what they all have in common.

Once you have done this you can start working on your own book design. Use those features that you liked and incorporate them into your ecover design. Remember your design will not be perfect the first time and you may need to do many revisions until you are happy with it.

For this reason I use an online software that allows me to create unlimited ecovers each month. This way I can create multiple drafts and keep them stored online. This allows me to easily review each one and make changes, without having to redo the cover from scratch.

You may also like to use this same service. It is very economical and the company has lots of ecover templates for you to choose from. You don’t have to worry about your book looking the same as the next persons.

Here is a review of my recommended eCover creator!

Once you have designed your ecover and are satisfied with it you can now add it to your book. How you do this will depend upon where you publish your book. Sites like Amazon Kindle want you to upload your ecover as a separate file while other sites may want you to place your ecover inside your book. So check each one before uploading your files.

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