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29 Nov

Now that you have created your ecover your next step is to get your book published. The majority of users like to add their book to the Amazon Kindle site first. This is an easy process and Amazon generates tons of traffic each day.

Once you have logged into your Amazon Kindle account you will need to fill out all the sections with your personal information. This can vary depending upon where you are located but make sure to add your payment method so you receive your book royalties.

The actual uploading process of your book is fairly easy. Just follow the step by step process inside your account. You will need to add things such as your book description choose a category and use tags. Currently you can assign 7 tags to your book and you want to take advantage of this.

The next section will be where you upload your book files and your ecover file. Once it has been converted into the Kindle format use their previewer to check how your book looks. Again do not miss this step and if you find errors fix them. Sometimes images or bullet points can be thrown out of alignment and make sure you have no extra blank pages.

After your book has been accepted your next step includes pricing your book. This is something that you should have looked at during your research process. Check for similar books and see what formats they have theirs available in and price yours accordingly.

Once everything is completed your next step is to wait until Amazon confirms that you book is live and for sale. You can now let your family and friends know that you have just become a published author.

Just keep in mind that your book will be competing with plenty of others. This is one reason why I stressed the importance of your ecover. Getting people to click on your thumbnail image is your first goal. This will work if people like or feel a connection to your ecover, including the title and the image you used.

Once they have clicked your book description will help them decide if they want to purchase your book or not. So it is well worth taking the time to write a good book description. Your description should compel the reader to want to know more. So you want to entice them but not giveaway too much information. Many authors like to include the content heading in their description.

When it comes to using tags use the most appropriate ones, try to think of the words people will use to find your book, and include those. Remember everything can be changed at any time inside your account.

While your book is live it is still up to you as the author to promote and market your book as well. You can do this on your author’s website and on your social media sites.

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