Researching Content for Your Ebook

8 Nov

Even though you may want to write a new ebook it can still be difficult to come up with enough content for it. This is particularly true if you are writing a nonfiction ebook. While it is fine to publish a short book you still want to cover your topic sufficiently.

So let’s look at some research methods you can use. Of course it is easy to research on the internet. Just doing a Google search will bring up lots of facts and information for you. One thing to remember is that this information is not always current and up to date.

When performing a search on Google or any other search engine always try to be as specific as possible with your terms. For example if you are looking for a forum on yoga use a search string such as:

Forum + yoga

If you need to narrow this down to your local area you would use:

Forum + yoga + city

You can get even more specific by adding the type of yoga such as hot yoga or flow yoga. This way the websites which are returned will be narrowed down to your choices. This should make it much easier for you to find relevant information quickly.

While researching on the internet is convenient it can also suck your time. It is so easy to get side tracked and end up spending more hours than you had intended online.

If you are writing on a timely subject then check sites such as Google News and discussion forums. If you are on LinkedIn then check there for daily topics and join any groups that cover your subject.  Using terms such as news, current events and breaking news can help you find fresh content quickly.

You can also make use of sites such as HARO where you can ask a reporter for help on a certain topic. This is great if you are looking to include a case study or a personal experience to your book.

Don’t forget that you can visit your local library when doing research as well. Another excellent source is to visit magazine sites. These methods are also great if you are looking for something to write about. Why not create a book about a popular topic that is in the news?

When doing your research keep a notepad file or bookmark any good websites into a folder. This way you can return to them again if you need additional information.  You may even want to save images as though you cannot always legally use them in your book, they are a great source inspiration. Images can be used to help you write engaging descriptions. Not to mention they can be used as a source of inspiration for when you create your own book or ebok cover.

So if you need more content or could do with some inspiration for you book, use these methods and get started writing today.

Konrad Braun

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