Writing Challenges for eBook Creation

7 Nov

One of the hardest things about writing that eBook is in actually getting it done. It can be so easy to plan what you want to write about, but finding the time to sit down and start typing or writing is another thing.

A great way to overcome this and get motivated is to join a writing challenge. This type of challenge normally lasts 30 days and you have to commit to writing a certain number of words per day. If you focus on doing this it is the perfect way to get a first draft done of your book!

There are some popular writing challenges that happen on a regular basis. This includes the NaNoWriMo which is usually held during the month of November and is extremely popular. The focus of this writing challenge is to create a fiction novel. But really there would be no reason why you couldn’t create a work of nonfiction or even write short stories.

Other types of writing challenges include blog challenges and writing articles. The Ezine Articles Directory often holds an article writing challenge over a longer period of time.

If this idea appeals to you simply do a quick search online for any official writing challenges. Of course there is nothing to stop you from creating your own writing challenge. You could set this up on Facebook or Google+ for example and then invite other writers to join you.

You will find it much easier to stay motivated and focused on your writing by participating in a challenge. If you try to challenge yourself your motivation may not be as strong. Plus you are only accountable to yourself and no one else, so you don’t have any consequences if you don’t meet your deadlines.

Some people are actually great at staying motivated and focused alone. If this sounds like you then there is no need to join a group event. Just set yourself the challenge to write your first draft of your book in the next 30 days. It often helps to just tell one other person that you are setting yourself a writing goal. Actually telling another person means you have made a verbal commitment to yourself and this can be enough to spur you into action.

Of course, don’t forget to think about your ecover at the same time. As you write you may well come up with additional ideas for a cover. Just jot them down as you do so you can refer back to them when you are ready to create your ecover.

Again, once you’re ready to come up with an ebook cover, check out my in-depth ebook cover maker review here!

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