The Importance of Proper Keyword Research & Niche Analysis

31 May

How to Do Proper Keyword ResearchOne of the scariest things I ever had to realize was that for some of my websites, I was going after the wrong keywords.

I know that that is NOT something a search engine “geek” like myself should ever confess to, but fact of the matter is, when I started out online, I made that painful mistake more often than I can count.

You see, it is not that some keywords can not be ranked for, it’s just: some keywords take a LOT of time and a TON of resources before one gets worthwhile Google ranking for them.

Unless you have thousands of dollars in your monthly advertising budget, you should be extremely careful what keywords you commit to pursuing Google ranks for.

In fact, why not save yourself all the doubts & frustration and learn to do propper niche analysis? For $9, you can’t go wrong!


There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and aiming for the TOP keywords, but as Joe proves (see link), unless we do propper niche analysis, we are likely wasting our time and resources by going for the (often) near impossible keywords.

Secret Fact Revealed: I am educating my team on this very topic right now.

Why? Because I will soon be offering keyword research services to my customers (at extra cost of course).

To be honest with you though, keyword and niche research is not hard. In fact, you don’t NEED any fancy tools to do it!

Want to be qualified to charge for keyword analysis or simply want to pick better keywords for your own websites (without paying a fortune to have my team do the research)?

=> Get Joe’s Guide Here!

Joe (you probably know him by now) has put out nothing short of AMAZING stuff these last few months and I have grown to respect him a lot.

He never ceases to amaze me with his top notch products/services. The crazy part is, he NEARLY gives everything away… as is the case again with this guide.

Anways, check out the above link for more details!

Konrad Braun

Konrad Braun

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