Better than Pixel Studio FX?

21 Sep

Marketing guru Adeel Chowdhry recently teamed up with Jimmy Kim and Ali Chowdhry to launch Pixel Studio FX – an eCover creation platform.

This is not a review of Pixel Studio FX and neither am I an affiliate of it (unlike every other marketer out there promoting it), but I will say this: I have been making sexy ecovers (of all kinds) way before those boys even thought of putting their software together.

eBook eCover Maker

Example of an eCover I created using the My eCover Maker size.

I don’t have an eCover making software tool and neither do I have eBook cover PhotoShop templates. In fact, I suck BADLY when it comes to photoshop!

So what is my secret weapon? My eCover Maker!

No, it is not 100% as fancy as Pixel Studio FX but it is very similar in that you drag and drop whatever images, texts, fonts, etc, that you want to appear on your ecover. In fact, it is just as user friendly as Pixel Studio FX!

My favorite part however is the fact it’s free. Sure, your design options are limited as a free user but still, you can create a fully functioning eBook cover without spending a dime. Perfect if you are on a budget or just getting started online.

Pixel Studio FX on the other hand will cost you $47 just to sign up (CRAZY), nevermind a fortune for the upsells they will be pushing down your throat.

Whenever I need an eCover created, I go to My eCover Maker and upgrade for the month. It costs me $10 but then I have unlimited designs to choose from and best of all, I have a web based software that gets updated regularly. Meaning I don’t ever run into system compatibility issues.

Either way, if all you need is an occasional ebook cover, don’t buy into the Pixel Studio FX hype. Instead, head on over to My eCover Maker and sign up. You will save yourself a pile of money you may as well spend somewhere else 😀 hehe

You’re welcome,


PS: – If you are looking for more details on MyeCoverMaker, check out an earlier review of mine here!

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