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21 Sep

If there is one thing I love about software, it’s how it has enabled us to automate a LOT of tedious tasks.

People complain that technology is replacing jobs, and it is. But it’s also creating new jobs. So I see it as a good thing. Not because jobs are lost, but because it forces us to evolve as human beings.

Instead of doing mindless work that a software can now do for us, we – as a society – can now use our brain on stuff that will actually have a positive (hopefully) impact on our future.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for manual labour. I grew up on a farm, so manual labour is something I’m not afraid of.  But why waste my time doing something I can now (thanks to software) automate?

Automation to me means more money in my pocket. It means I can focus on stuff I actually care about and that right there makes a real difference in business.

This is why you will see me have systems developed that eliminate tedious everyday tasks by automating them. It’s also why I appreciate people that find ways to automate things I didn’t think of automating myself. Like the WP Hyper Builder plugin for example.

About the Hyper Builder WP plugin:

WPHyperBuilderPluginIt hasn’t launched yet, but Stephen gave me a copy to review. All I can say is “brilliant!”

If you just create the odd site here and there, the plugin may not be for you (although at that price it’s still a HUGE bargain). If you do set up new sites on a regular basis though (PBNs anyone?), this will be a tremendous time saver.

Don’t bother with the single domain license. Spend the extra five bucks and get something you can use over and over again in the future.

Check out the video on the sales page to see the plugin in action. Its pure genius in my opinion and I know you will love it as much as I do!

Konrad Braun

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