Choosing Your Book Title

22 Sep

Before you start designing your ecover for your new book you need to come up with an enticing title. There are  certain things you need to take into consideration before deciding on your title. Even though you may have what you think is a great title be willing to change it after reading the tips in this article.

The first consideration is to make sure your title describes your book exactly. This title should easily convey to a potential reader what your book is about. Don’t try and come up with some clever twist on your title as this could easily become confusing.

If one of your goals is to get your books into a book store be forewarned that bookstores will only list books with titles that easily convey the contents of your book. If your book is about plumbing use a title such as “How to Repair a Leaky Faucet” and not something like “Crying in the Bathroom”.

You should also take the time to search for your title before getting your cover designed. It is so important to make sure that someone else hasn’t used your intended title for a book already. If so work on changing it so it is different but that it still implies what your book is about.

Not doing this step could mean having to spend money on getting another ecover created and you will need to come up with a new edition of your book. When you are self publishing this could cost you money.

Remember too that if you are writing a book that will be released in digital format you want to use terms in your title that people are searching for. How to book titles are great for this. If you are stuck then put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. What terms will you use in Google or Bing to search for books on your chosen topic?

Some authors can be stubborn and aren’t willing to make changes to their chosen title. When this happens why not use it as your subtitle instead? Then have a main title that is geared towards what people will be searching about on the internet.

By taking the time to create a good title you will find that your sales remain constant. When using titles try to use ones that will not get outdated, this is one reason why How To books are always in style. For example if your title includes a date such as 2013 it will be relevant in that year, but later on people will dismiss this book as outdated regardless if things still apply or not.

Once you have decided on your final title then you can start thinking about designing your ecover. Use your title to generate ideas and remember you want your cover to reflect your title and the contents of your book. Again this is a step that takes time and effort to do correctly. You spent lots of time writing your book so don’t rush the end part as a great ecover will do wonders for your book sales.

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