The Elements of Your Ebook

16 Sep

If you were to strip away the content of your ebook all that is left is your cover? This image should make an impression on your reader. The best way to achieve this is by keeping certain elements in mind.

Your ecover design should include the following elements:

  • Professional quality
  • Layers of colors
  • Good use of Fonts
  • Readable title, subtitle and author
  • Send an understandable message

Let’s look at some examples:

A romance novel should have an ecover that reflects love in the image, a thriller needs a cover that depicts danger and a non-fiction book should offer advice and solutions to a specific problem.

For ecovers it is important to remember that your design will be displayed in both large sizes and smaller, thumbnail sizes. So it needs to look great as both! It should pop out at the reader and make them want to take a second look.

Also bear in mind the different devices that people will be viewing your ecover on. When someone views the cover on their iPhone it will be displayed with a size of ½ by ¾ inch. On laptops or iPads the size will be a bit larger. So get into the practice of viewing your image in different sizes before deciding on the final design and text.

So even though today it may be easier to actually get your book published it is still not always that easy to get it seen. Millions of books are available on sites such as Amazon and you are competing with other indie authors as well as large publishing houses. Even on these sites your ecover is shown as a small image and a reader will not see the full size unless they click on it.

Hopefully you can now appreciate the importance of your ecover and why it deserves your full attention. As well you should seriously consider adding a professional photo of you as the author either on your back cover page or inside your ebook, on the about the author page. This adds a personal touch and allows the reader to make a connection with you.

The one thing about a traditional book is that readers hold the book and finger the pages as they read. This act is making a physical connection even if the reader doesn’t realize it.

Just because you are producing a digital book you still need to keep the reader in mind. It is important to attempt to make a connection with your reader and this can be achieved through your ecover and the actual contents of your book.

Konrad Braun

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