Getting that Book Written & Ready for Publishing

9 Sep

Do you have that inspiring story inside of you? Or are you full of information, facts and figures that you want to share with others? Regardless of which situation applies to you, you have enough information to write a book.

You do have several options when it comes to writing or creating a book. Of course, the first one is to write the book yourself. If you don’t consider yourself a writer you can hire a ghostwriter to put all of your content into a book for you.

It takes time to write a great book and you can expect to have to do several drafts of your book until you get it right. One tip for fiction writers is to just get the book written and not to worry about spelling mistakes and grammar. Actually this applies to non-fiction writers as well. Just take action and get all of your information, facts and figures together.

Once you have your draft compiled then it is time to start your second draft. This is where you should concentrate on putting things in order to ensure that it follows a logical step. Once you are comfortable with this step you can then focus on the editing of your book.

This is the step the many authors actually like to outsource. It can be difficult to correct and edit your own work. Sometimes you could just ask a friend to read your manuscript for you. If your manuscript comes back covered in pen marks on online comments, don’t take offence and remember the person is just pointing out certain things.

Some of the most common errors include:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • Confusing sentences
  • Steps that are not in order

Many of the spelling mistakes are often due to writing fast in an attempt to get all your thoughts down onto paper. Confusing sentences can be improved by explaining things in more detail and one way to do this is by having any instructions written as a 1,2,3 step process.

Once all of this grunt work has been done, your next step is to think about creating an ecover for your book. This is usually an exciting process and time. It means that your book is almost ready for publishing and of course this is a huge moment that you can be proud of.

Tips for creating an ecover include having a great title along with a sub title if necessary. Ensure that your author name is easy to read and that it can be clearly seen. Everyone loves pictures these days so choose a compelling and interesting picture for your cover.

When it comes to actually creating the ecover the best way I have found is to use an online software that allows you to create unlimited covers each month. This is also an affordable way to create revisions of your ecover. Remember there is nothing wrong with changing your ecover to help increase sales of your book, or you may want to test different titles and see if this makes a difference.

The software I mentioned above allows you to create ecovers in 2D and as 3D images. So you can build your ecover to include with your files when you submit them to Kindle or the iBookstore. Plus you have book images that you can publish on your website.

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